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Urology & GI Physicians Bring Pathology In-House

CEO SUMMARY: Increasing numbers of urology and gastroenterology specialist groups are deciding to bring anatomic pathology services in-house. This phenomenon has gathered speed during the past year and is becoming a threat to the long-term financial and clinical stability of the anatomic pathology profession in the United States. Every pathology group needs a strategy to

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LabOne Speaks Out About Use of “Free Testing”

In the August 26, 2002 issue of THE DARK REPORT, an article appeared entitled, “Two Blood Brothers Use ‘Free Testing’ Strategy.”

In markets that we are “in-network” with various payers, this tactic of providing free testing is increasingly prevalent. While the competitive injury inflicted on other providers by this questionable practice is obvious, the damage

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Lab Marketing Strategy Triggers Legal Concerns

CEO SUMMARY: That famous phrase “everyone wants something for nothing” does not describe TennCare Select’s reaction to the “free testing” that Quest Diagnostics is performing for its beneficiaries. TennCare provides a real-world example of how this strategy can put a laboratory at odds with an important payer in a region. An experienced healthcare attorney assesses

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Doc “Bill-Back” Policy Rewritten at LabCorp

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory compliance continues to evolve. In response to changes it sees in the lab marketplace, Laboratory Corporation of America instituted a fundamental change in its policy toward billing back physicians who fail to provide documentation necessary for the lab to successfully bill Medicare. It no longer “bills-back” client-physicians for “unbillable” tests.


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