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Phlebotomist Describes Questionable Lab Practices

CEO SUMMARY: While working in the office of a physician who was a client of Health Diagnostic Laboratory, a phlebotomist says he was instructed to write the same 10 diagnoses on every test requisition a doctor sent to HDL, a lab company in Richmond, Virginia. HDL is…

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Price Cuts, Long Delays in Payment Are Expected

CEO SUMMARY: In addition to a steep cut in the 88305 CPT code, anatomic pathology laboratories can expect cuts in the payment from Medicare for molecular and prostate biopsy testing. Two national experts in lab billing and reimbursement warn labs to expect confusion in how both public and…

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More Medicare Auditors Are Targeting Clinical Labs

CEO SUMMARY: For labs and all healthcare providers, the risk of an audit is growing because the number of auditors seeking overpayments is rising. In their efforts to eliminate waste and make the Medicare and state Medicaid programs more efficient, federal officials have introduced severa…

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Letter to Editor on EMR Donations, Deeply-Discounted Client Prices

Dear Editor: Because THE DARK REPORT is willing to tackle tough issues regarding the business end of the pathology profession, I am writing to call attention to a serious situation. What follows is presented as mostly factual and minimally perceptive. While I have no fe…

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2009’s Top Ten Lab Stories Reflect Some Good, Bad

CEO SUMMARY: As the closing year of the first decade of the new century and the new millennium, 2009 brought neither disruption nor upheaval to the majority of laboratories in the United States. Rather, it was marked by at least two themes. One was how public disclosure of problems with l…

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Using OIG Advisory Opinions to Level Playing Field

TWICE DURING THE PAST 12 MONTHS, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has issued a negative opinion on a marketplace arrangement between a laboratory company and a physician group. The most recent was OIG Advisory Opinion 05-08, released on June 13, 2005 and responding to a requ…

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Crime In the Lab Industry: A Poor Track Record

CEO SUMMARY: In a remarkable finding, THE DARK REPORT demonstrates how 17.5% of the public laboratory companies in operation since 1990 have had an existing or former CEO indicted for federal crimes! This is a powerful statement about business practices in the laboratory industry and the …

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Why Is There Crime In the Lab Industry?

CEO SUMMARY: Since 1991, there have been criminal indictments or criminal convictions of four former CEOs of public lab companies. Given the limited number of public lab companies active in the market at any moment in time, this is a remarkably high rate of criminal behavior. Moreover, th…

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OIG Releases Opinion On AP Lab Condominiums

CEO SUMMARY: In responding to a request for an advisory opinion, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued an advisory opinion which declares that anatomic pathology (AP) lab condominiums “could potentially generate prohibited remuneration under the anti-kickback statute.” It a…

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LabCorp’s Smith Speaks On New Pathology Trend

CEO SUMMARY: During the past decade, Laboratory Corporation of America’s Brad Smith faced the spear point of evolving Medicare/Medicaid compliance initiatives which changed so many laboratory industry business practices. Smith believes that business models for in-house anatomic patholog…

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