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Phlebotomist Describes Questionable Lab Practices

CEO SUMMARY: While working in the office of a physician who was a client of Health Diagnostic Laboratory, a phlebotomist says he was instructed to write the same 10 diagnoses on every test requisition a doctor sent to HDL, a lab company in Richmond, Virginia. HDL is under federal investigation, according to published reports. The same 10 diagnoses were recorded for every patient even though some of these tests were appropriate only for women, the source said.

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OIG Releases Opinion On AP Lab Condominiums

CEO SUMMARY: In responding to a request for an advisory opinion, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued an advisory opinion which declares that anatomic pathology (AP) lab condominiums “could potentially generate prohibited remuneration under the anti-kickback statute.” It also voices concerns about how the operation of such AP laboratory condos could violate the

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LabCorp’s Smith Speaks On New Pathology Trend

CEO SUMMARY: During the past decade, Laboratory Corporation of America’s Brad Smith faced the spear point of evolving Medicare/Medicaid compliance initiatives which changed so many laboratory industry business practices. Smith believes that business models for in-house anatomic pathology labs now being offered to specialist physician groups fail to meet important Medicare compliance criteria.


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