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Can Fee Cuts Be Delayed? Courts Are One Option

CEO SUMMARY: Some lab companies may be prepared to challenge in court the methodology CMS used in setting the requirements of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 to conduct a study of private payer market prices for lab tests and use that data to propose new prices for the Part …

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Patient Retest Effort Is Extraordinary Event

IT IS NOT OFTEN THAT WE DEVOTE AN ENTIRE ISSUE TO A SINGLE TOPIC. The last single-topic special issue of THE DARK REPORT was almost exactly one year ago, when we provided the laboratory industry’s most detailed assessment of the Medicare Part B Competitive Bidding Demonstration Project, the details…

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2008’s Top Ten Lab Stories Lacked Disruptive Impact

CEO SUMMARY: For the first time in recent memory, a year has passed without major tumult or disruptive change in the laboratory industry. Our list of the Top Ten Most Important Stories of 2008 reflects a rather quiet year when compared to most years of this decade. Howeve…

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New Senate Bills Include Repeal of Competitive Bid

CEO SUMMARY: One proposed Senate bill would repeal the laboratory competitive bidding demonstration project, replace the 10.1% cut to physician fees with a 1.1% increase, and extend the so-called technical component (TC) grandfather clause. Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana),…

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Three San Diego Labs Stop Competitive Bid Demo

CEO SUMMARY: Last Tuesday, a federal judge handed a big court victory to the three plaintiffs in their lawsuit seeking to delay or stop implementation of the Medicare Laboratory Competitive Bidding Demonstration pilot in the San Diego area. In his written opinion, the judge ruled in favor…

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April 4 Fed Court Ruling Opened Door to Injunction

CEO SUMMARY: Federal Judge Thomas J. Whelan’s ruling on three key legal points on Friday, April 4, was the first court victory needed by three San Diego-area labs in their lawsuit to prevent the Medicare Laboratory Competitive Bidding Demonstration in San Diego from proceeding. Judge Wh…

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Analyzing Lab Bid Demo To Predict Its Outcome

CEO SUMMARY: After two decades of study and preparation, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is pushing the laboratory profession toward the first pilot site in the Congressionally-mandated Medicare Clinical Laboratory Services Competitive Demonstration Project. Designe…

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Busy Year Demonstrated By Top Ten Lab Stories

CEO SUMMARY: As it turns out, 2007 has been an action-packed year with lots of events, plenty of changes, and the promise of even faster evolution across all sectors of the lab testing marketplace. THE D…

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A Pricing Strategy Soon to Boomerang?

HAVE NATIONAL LAB COMPANIES CREATED A REIMBURSEMENT BOOMERANG that will erode financial stability for the entire laboratory industry in the United States? I ask that question because the Medicare Competitive Bidding Demonstration Project for Laboratory Services has selected San Diego to be its first …

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San Diego MSA Selected For Medicare Lab Demo

CEO SUMMARY: Earlier this month, CMS revealed its selection of the first of two sites for the Medicare Competitive Bidding Demonstration Project for Laboratory Testing Services. It will be the San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos MSA (metropolitan statistical area). An assessment of this MSA rev…

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