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Theranos Saga Just Keeps Getting More Intriguing

IT’S BEEN AN EVENTFUL COUPLE OF MONTHS for Theranos, the lab testing company that says its goal is to disrupt the clinical laboratory industry. Novelists cannot write fiction as compelling as the unfolding real story about this controversial company.

During March and April, The Wall Street Journal published a series of articles that revealed the extent of the problems Theranos had with CLIA inspections of its clinical laboratory in Newark, California. The Journal published its analysis of the CLIA inspection report and the serious deficiencies identified during lab inspections that happened last fall and earlier this year.

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Lab Professionals Long Knew of Challenges at Theranos

CEO SUMMARY: As THE DARK REPORT has continually reported, pathologists and medical laboratory professionals in the San Francisco and Phoenix markets were aware for most of the past year that Theranos was not delivering to patients and consumers the specific lab testing services it regularly touted in news stories and at conferences. Another sign was that,

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Lab Copay on the Table, But for Now, It’s Australia

CEO SUMMARY: Patient copayment is the idea that always appeals to government health officials who want to control healthcare costs. In Australia, Parliament has yet to vote on a bill that would, starting in July 2015, institute a patient copayment of $7.00 Australian for general practice visits, medical laboratory tests, and diagnostic imaging services. Reaction

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