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LIS Sales Decline in 2000 As Labs Shift Emphasis

CEO SUMMARY: THE DARK REPORT’S annual ranking of the Top Ten LIS Vendors reveals that sales of new LIS products declined for the second consecutive year. This is evidence that the influence of multi-hospital health systems is changing the way LIS is purchased and implemented. It is also…

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MCOs Asking For More Lab Test Information

CEO SUMMARY: During the past 12 months, managed care companies in Michigan have increased the quantity and quality of the laboratory test information they want from their laboratory providers. Once again, the marketplace is raising the bar for competitive laboratory services. In response,…

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Dr. Bruce Friedman Identifies Market Dynamics Driving Evolution of Lab Information Services

CEO SUMMARY: Probably no one is better positioned to identify the evolution of laboratory information services than Bruce Friedman, M.D., Professor of Pathology at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor. For almost 20 years, he has hosted the pre-eminent meeting in laborat…

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LIS Vendors Moving to Internet

SALES OF LIS SYSTEMS SLOWED DURING 1999 due to concerns about Y2K problems. But the real story in the LIS arena was the impending arrival of technology that takes advantage of the Internet and the Web. Sales champs in THE DARK REPORT’s annual ranking of the Top Ten LIS Vendors for 1999 ar…

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1999’s Top Ten Stories Reflect Speed of Change

CEO SUMMARY: This year’s round-up of the lab industry’s Top Ten most important stories lacks any compelling single theme. THE DARK REPORT’s conclusion? 1999 was a transition year. No new outside forces rattled the lab industry, allowing lab executives and pathologists to concentrate…

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New Internet Companies Target Clinical Lab Services

CEO SUMMARY: During the coming transition from proprietary PC-based to web-based lab test ordering/reporting systems, it will be Internet start-up companies that have the competitive jump over traditional LIS vendors. There are many reasons why this is true. Here is a first look at the ma…

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1998 LIS Sales Rankings Show How Marketplace is Changing

CONSOLIDATION CONTINUED impacting sales of new laboratory information system (LIS) software during 1998. Sales champs in THE DARK REPORT’s annual ranking of the Top Ten LIS Vendors for 1998 are Meditech and Fletcher Flora, in the categories of LIS sales t…

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Where Do We Go From Here?

THIS IS WRITTEN FOR BOTH LABORATORIANS COMING TO THE DARK REPORT’S Executive War College in New Orleans next week as well as those not attending. As I look at the registration list, I see a diverse range of attendees. Registered for this year’s event are CEOs of public laboratories and…

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1997 LIS Sales Rankings Topped By Cerner, LabSoft

CEO SUMMARY: Consolidation in the LIS industry continued during 1997. The impact for laboratory buyers is that market share is concentrated among fewer vendors. Over the long term, this reduces choice and leads to an oligopoly-type of market. In the short-term, all LIS companies are compe…

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“August 4, 1997 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Impressions from the AACC’s annual convention in Atlanta in July: With more than 16,000 attendees, it is much larger than CLMA. International attendees comprised at least 25% of that number. The exhibit hall is heavy on technical products and instruments. Conspicuously absent as exhibitors were the…

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