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GE Pulls Plug on Its LIS, No Support after July 2013

CEO SUMMARY: Not in recent memory has a laboratory information system (LIS) product been pulled from the market. That is why the announcement by GE Healthcare that it would no longer service or support its Centricity Ultra Laboratory product after July 23, 2013, has caused a stir…

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Louisiana Reference Lab Purchased By Dynacare

CEO SUMMARY: General Health System of Baton Rouge decided to “cash in” the capital value of its consolidated laboratory organization by selling it to Dynacare. It will use the money for other corporate projects. This sales transaction validates that there is still considerable value t…

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Dynacare Inks New Pact With Milwaukee Hospital

CEO SUMMARY: Dynacare is on the move again. Its latest partnership is with a leading Milwaukee hospital. Dynacare’s aggressive marketing effort to develop joint ventures with hospital laboratories will continue. It may announce more new contracts by year’s end. DEALMAKE…

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