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Lab Industry Unprepared For FDA Action on LDTs

CEO SUMMARY: News stories about the FDA’s stated intention to regulate laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) generally play up the agency’s comments about the need to assert regulatory oversight of genetic tests and direct consumer access testing. But what has gone unremarked by …

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2009’s Top Ten Lab Stories Reflect Some Good, Bad

CEO SUMMARY: As the closing year of the first decade of the new century and the new millennium, 2009 brought neither disruption nor upheaval to the majority of laboratories in the United States. Rather, it was marked by at least two themes. One was how public disclosure of problems with l…

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Why Choice is Important in Healthcare

THESE ARE INTERESTING TIMES IN HEALTHCARE AND LABORATORY TESTING—both here and across the globe. In the United States, elected officials in Congress are busy assembling 1,000-page bills to make over the nation’s entire healthcare system under the guise of extending coverage to those who are curre…

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Auckland Health Boards Give DML Some Testing

CEO SUMMARY: Auckland’s chaotic lab testing situation just became more complicated. Today the Auckland District Health Boards announced a four-year contract to allow Diagnostic Medlab to perform 10% of the area’s test volume, primarily for private hospitals and private specialists. It…

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Lab Test Fiasco Unfolding In Auckland, New Zealand

CEO SUMMARY: This may be the shortest lab testing contract honeymoon ever. Just ten days after LabTests became responsible for an exclusive, eight-year lab testing contract covering the Auckland area, problems with its service and operation caused District Health Board (DHB) offi…

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Audacious Lab Contract Shows Downside Risks

CEO SUMMARY: In Auckland, New Zealand, unfolding events may soon reveal the answer to a long-standing question in pathology: is there a point where deep cuts to payment for lab testing causes such a decline in quality and service that other health services undergo disruption? Dis…

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Got a Lab Test Question? Call an ASCLS Lab Guru!

CEO SUMMARY: Each year since its launch in 2001, the ASCLS Consumer Response Team serves increasing numbers of patients and physicians. Clinical Laboratory Scientist volunteers from the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science provide answers and help patients understand …

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“November 18, 2002 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Antitrust regulators are signaling displeasure about a growing number of business activities in healthcare. Timothy Muris, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), was in Chicago on November 7 to address a group of lawyers and business people. He told them that the FTC “cont…

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“September 4, 2001 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Here’s early warning: Medicare and Medicaid funding will become high-profile issues during 2002. Numbers just released by the Congressional Budget Office indicate that Medicare spending will increase by 10% during fiscal 2001 over fiscal 2000. Increased provider payments are contri…

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