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October 5, 2015 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Intelligence Late & Latent News

More venture capital money is moving into the medical laboratory industry in India. In September, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd of Mumbai, India, disclosed that Carlyle, a private equity company, had purchased a 36.5% ownership interest in the lab company. In April, Warburg Pincus  sold its 27% in Metropolis to another share- holder, the Sushil Shah family.
Metropolitan Health is a company

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Two Blood Brothers Report Declines in Revenue-Per-Req

REIMBURSEMENT FOR CLINICAL laboratory testing has declined, particularly for molecular tests. As a consequence, the nation’s two largest laboratory testing companies are feeling the negative effect of lower lab test prices.

Both Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Laboratory Corporation of America issued their third quarter earnings reports last week. Their respective performances provide insights into several unfolding

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Today’s Lab Test Model Won’t Survive Reforms

CEO SUMMARY: For more than three decades, independent lab companies have waxed fat by increasing their respective market share of lab test referrals from office-based physicians. This era is poised to end as growing numbers of office-based physicians begin to practice medicine within an accountable care organization (ACO) or similar new integrated care delivery model,

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Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp Report Second Quarter Earnings

JUST ONE DAY APART, the nation’s two largest laboratory testing companies reported second quarter and half-year earnings for 2011. Each financial report opened a window into marketplace developments for the first six months of this year.

First to release its earnings report was Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. On July 20, it announced that quarterly net revenue was

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Medi-Cal Deal Raises Interesting Questions

CEO SUMMARY: From the perspective of the average citizen, it would appear that Quest Diagnostics scored two major “wins” over the California Attorney General in the negotiations as to how the whistleblower lawsuit was to be settled. Language in the settlement agreement would indicate that current lab sales and marketing practices involving deeply-discounted test prices

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Discounted Lab Prices Become Issue in California

CEO SUMMARY: For decades, California’s lab testing market has been considered the Wild West because clinical lab companies have felt relatively free to offer deeply-discounted prices to expand market share and take business away from competitors. Now these discounted pricing practices are being scrutinized by no less than three government bodies. First came a whistleblower

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Two New Lab Companies Will Open in L.A. & Denver

CEO SUMMARY: It is unprecedented for two multi-billion-dollar health systems to announce laboratory testing outreach joint ventures just days apart. In Los Angeles, Providence Health & Services will partner with PAML to start a commercial lab company in the San Fernando Valley. In Denver, Centura Health and PAML formed a similar clinical laboratory testing joint

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