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Less Money for Labs Is International Trend

TOO OFTEN THESE DAYS, labs are asked to accept less money. This is true in the United States and in many developed countries around the world. Many of you know that the latest version of the Senate health reform bill recently released by Max Baucus (D-Montana) calls for all providers to pay a “fee…

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New Lab Player Launches In Breast Cancer Market

CEO SUMMARY: Having opened its CLIA-licensed laboratory in Huntington Beach, California, Agendia, Inc., becomes the newest competitor to enter the market for breast cancer testing. Its proprietary assay looks at 70 genes to assess the risk of recurrence. The company expects to co…

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Busy Year Demonstrated By Top Ten Lab Stories

CEO SUMMARY: As it turns out, 2007 has been an action-packed year with lots of events, plenty of changes, and the promise of even faster evolution across all sectors of the lab testing marketplace. THE D…

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Several Labs Planning A Public Stock Offering

CEO SUMMARY: During the past six years, no general clinical laboratory company has undergone an initial public stock offering (IPO). That will certainly change during the next 24 months. There are several private lab companies which want to go public. But this business strategy can only s…

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How Much Laboratory Business Intelligence Have You Missed?

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