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New Lab Management Resource for Pathologists, Lab Leaders

FOR PATHOLOGISTS AND OTHERS wanting to sharpen their skills in lab management and administration, there is a new resource. Laboratory Administration for Pathologists has just been published by the CAP Press. It has been long-recognized within the pathology profession that u…

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Using Lean at Henry Ford Transforms Pathology TAT

CEO SUMMARY: Long-standing work flow traditions in anatomic pathology provide fertile ground for improvement with Lean and similar process improvement methods. That was the case at Henry Ford Health System, where empowered teams in the pathology laboratory employed the principles…

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Congress Holds Hearing On Hospital Lab Fiasco

CEO SUMMARY: Problems at the laboratory of Maryland General Hospital came under scrutiny at a recent Congressional hearing. There was plenty of criticism and embarrassment for several entities which should have detected the problems and reacted to the situation more effectively. Serious q…

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Baltimore Hospital Lab Problems Put Spotlight On CAP Inspections

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s an exclusive peek into a three-year battle between medical technologists wanting to do the right thing and a laboratory manager—backed by hospital administration—who aggressively stifled well-justified dissent. It is an inside look at one of the most grievous fai…

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Kaiser Permanente NW Incorporates ISO-9000 In Regional Lab Design

CEO SUMMARY: After achieving its ISO-9000 certification, Kaiser Permanente Northwest’s laboratory division accomplished another distinction. It became the first lab in the nation to use the principles of ISO-9000 to design, build and operate a new, state-of-the-art, automated laboratory…

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New Market Channel For Esoteric Testing

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a new marketing model for specialty esoteric tests that presents both clinical and financial challenges to hospital and health system laboratories. Niche labs offering esoteric tests are sending sales reps directly to physicians and bypassing pathologists and lab direc…

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Memorial Hermann Lab Launches Crash Rebuild

CEO SUMMARY: This 600-bed hospital and core laboratory are in a crash rebuilding program as a result of flooding from tropical storm Allison. One important management lesson learned is the value of consolidating and integrating laboratory services within a health system. Previous lab inte…

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Hospital Labs To Regain Pre-Eminence in Coming Years

CEO SUMMARY: During the past five years, powerful forces in the healthcare marketplace positioned hospital-based laboratories to once again become the dominant force in laboratory testing. But this can only occur if today’s generation of hospital laboratory directors and clinical pathol…

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A Tale of Two Cities: New York Versus L.A.

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s a dramatic comparison of the effects of advanced managed care on West Coast laboratories as compared to East Coast laboratories. While Los Angeles labs endured radical downsizing and bankruptcy, New York experienced significant increases to existing laboratory capaci…

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Veterans Administration Network Restructures Using Partnering, Telepathology

CEO SUMMARY: Economic pressures are forcing even the traditional and staid Veterans Administration to extensively reconfigure its laboratory services. At this year’s Executive War College in New Orleans, participants learned how one eight-hospi…

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