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New Skills Needed for Difficult Lab Job Market

CEO SUMMARY: Across the nation, a small but growing number of pathologists and lab directors has begun to engage career coaches and management recruiters specifically to sharpen their interviewing and career development skills, even though they are still employed. One expert says this tre…

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May 14, 2012 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Mayo Clinic is taking steps to more fully integrate its laboratory informatics. In a press release dated April 27, 2012, it stated that it had completed a multi- year implementation of a new laboratory information system (LIS). The new LIS supports both the Department of Laboratory M…

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2008’s Top Ten Lab Stories Lacked Disruptive Impact

CEO SUMMARY: For the first time in recent memory, a year has passed without major tumult or disruptive change in the laboratory industry. Our list of the Top Ten Most Important Stories of 2008 reflects a rather quiet year when compared to most years of this decade. Howeve…

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Labs Should Prepare for Tighter CLIA Enforcement

CEO SUMMARY: Lab directors and pathologists should take notice of disturbing new developments in enforcement of CLIA regulations. During the past year, CMS officials have revoked the CLIA certification of several hospital laboratories for what are, essentially, inadvertent violations of p…

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International Tempest in Lab Industry Teapot

MAYBE ALL OF US IN THE LABORATORY PROFESSION GOT A GOOD LESSON in the deficiencies of the national and international media during the past month. I am referring to the screaming headlines last month about how four laboratory proficiency testing (PT) programs sent 4,000 laboratories virology PT kits w…

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More Crime, More Consolidation, and a New Threat

IT’S A SHAME THAT OUR LEAD STORY IN THIS ISSUE IS CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS of six former IMPATH executives. It is a black mark on the lab industry and is just one more factor that makes it tougher for honest laboratorians to successfully lobby Congress on adequate funding for laborator…

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Phlebotomist Gibson Steals Patient’s Identity

CEO SUMMARY: It was a case of a well-liked lab worker acting in rogue fashion to steal and use the identity of a patient to commit financial fraud. Within laboratories, employees in phlebotomy, accessioning, data entry, coding, billing, and collections often have access to sensitive patie…

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2003’s Big Lab Stories Reflect Health Trends

CEO SUMMARY: At a minimum, 2003 proved to be a year of relative stability for the laboratory industry, as demonstrated by THE DARK REPORT’S “Ten Biggest Lab Stories of 2003.” The year was free of industry-wide crises and scan- dals. That allowed most laboratory administrators and pa…

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Commercial Labs React To Ontario SARS Outbreak

CEO SUMMARY: Ontario’s SARS outbreak has affected commercial laboratory companies in the province. Because so many healthcare workers were contracting SARS, laboratory directors at MDS Diagnostic Services took swift action to protect both patients and laboratory staff—to prevent expos…

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