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Executive War College Sessions Center Upon Three Trends

CEO SUMMARY: There was an interesting blend of anxiety and optimism as a record crowd gathered in New Orleans last week for the 18th annual Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management. The anxiety was rooted in the shrinking prices paid by payers for lab testing services….

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Clin Lab Partners’ Strategy Is to Leverage Lab Data

CEO SUMMARY: At Clinical Laboratory Partners, the strategy is to create and deliver a growing suite of enhanced lab information services to client physicians and payers in the Connecticut market. It wants to differentiate itself from competing lab companies by packaging lab test …

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Geisinger’s Use of EHR Creates Opportunity for Lab to Add Value

CEO SUMMARY: Every health reform proposal makes it a high priority to implement a universal electronic medical record (EHR). Because lab test data is the essential component of a successful EHR, laboratory managers and pathologists may soon have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use EHR…

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Sonic Healthcare & CPL Make First Acquisition

CEO SUMMARY: Expanding from its base in Texas, Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (CPL) has acquired Cognoscenti Health Institute, LLC of Orlando, Florida. The deal was done discreetly and gives Sonic Healthcare, Ltd., parent of CPL, a solid foothold in Florida. Cognoscenti has also ma…

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2001’s Ten Big Stories Presage Future Direction

CEO SUMMARY: During 2001, few labs found themselves under intense pressure to change or react to dramatic events in the healthcare marketplace. Like 2000, this past year was marked by evolutionary progress, not revolutionary change. However, continuing signs indicate that consumers will p…

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Consumers Taking Active Role In Their Laboratory Testing

CEO SUMMARY: Two recent Internet surveys revealed that consumers rank access to their personal lab test results as the number one most wanted feature in healthcare services. This is an early warning for laboratories and pathology group practices. Today’s consumers have changing expectat…

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