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Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos Speaks at AACC To Skeptical PhDs, Pathologists, and Press

CEO SUMMARY: Elizabeth Holmes, Founder and CEO of Theranos, Inc., was given the ideal platform by AACC to show the science behind her lab company’s much-touted diagnostic technologies. But in a surprise to the assembled audience, Holmes, accompanied by three PhDs on her team, chose to discuss: a) her company’s new business strategy; b) an

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Educated Consumers Buying 250-Bioassay Lab Test Panel

CEO SUMMARY: Biophysical Corporation is creating a new, direct-to-consumer market for laboratory testing. Its unique approach is to offer 250-bioassay test panels—along with a staff physician review of results—to the educated, informed consumer. Testing multiple biomarkers makes it possible to identify disease and predict risk in asymptomatic patients. High profile customers such as Oprah Winfrey

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War College Identifies Emerging Lab Trends

CEO SUMMARY: Disruptive technologies and the arrival of healthcare E-commerce were two common themes which emerged from this year’s Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management. Consensus by faculty and attendees alike was that every lab organization should have an Internet business strategy, along with an accelerated implementation timetable!

DESPITE CONTINUING laboratory consolidation and a

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Physicians Demand Web Solutions From Clinical Labs

CEO SUMMARY: As physicians gain personal familiarity with the Internet and its potential to enhance their medical practice, they logically begin to want their clinical laboratory to offer web-based solutions. Physicians are driving this impending marketplace shift away from proprietary PC computer ordering/reporting systems to web-based products. Only labs willing to respond will maintain their

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New Features Slated For Lab Information Systems

CEO SUMMARY: Two processes are transforming healthcare: managed care and quality management. Laboratory information systems must incorporate radically new features if they are to support changes to clinical laboratory operations. This makes it imperative that laboratory executives select an effective laboratory information system.

PARALLEL DEVELOPMENTS in the healthcare marketplace are shaping the design and function of

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