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Theranos Pursues Different Business Plan in Arizona

CEO SUMMARY: Since its big public debut in late 2013, Theranos has been the subject of keen interest and much skepticism among pathologists and clinical laboratory professionals. Theranos is expanding its presence in Phoenix, Arizona. However, as it does, it looks more like a conventional…

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Labs, Path Groups Face Major Financial Issues

CEO SUMMARY: Are clinical labs and pathology groups ready for the end of fee-for-service reimbursement? That’s just one important question that will be answered at the upcoming Executive War College on Lab and Pathology Management that will take place in New Orleans on April 29-30. The …

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Medicare Price Cuts Drive Labs to Sell or File BK

CEO SUMMARY: Professional investors are smart with their money. Thus, it is no surprise that clinical lab and pathology companies owned by private equity firms are the first to be sold or closed. These investors are acting in response to the cumulative negative financial impact of recent …

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Alberta Lab RFP, FTC, LabMD Biodiagnostic Lab Services Guilty Pleas

ALBERTA PROVINCE MAY SOON BID $3 BILLION CLINICAL LAB CONTRACT NEWS LEAKED ON SEPTEMBER 19 that Alberta Health Services (AHS) is preparing to issue a request for proposal (RFP) to select a company to build a state-of-the clinical laboratory facility to serve…

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March 25, 2013 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Last month, Dignity Health acknowledged that it is engaged in negotiations to sell its lab outreach business that is based in Stockton, California. The lab outreach program is known as HealthCare Clinical Laboratories and is associated with 294-bed St. Joseph…

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Anticipating 2013 Trends in Clinical Lab and Pathology

CEO SUMMARY: Biggest news for 2013 will the impact of significant price cuts for both clinical lab and anatomic pathology testing services. But the bad news doesn’t stop there. Employers and private payers will be more aggressive in taking steps to reduce what they spend on lab testing….

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In Florida, New Law Bans Certain Lab Sales Practices

CEO SUMMARY: Florida law has long prohibited clinical laboratories from giving kickbacks and other forms of remuneration to physicians to induce specimen referrals. Specifically, state regulations have prevented labs from placing specimen collectors in physicians’ offices. Despite these…

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Does Anyone Know the Law in California?

WHAT IS THE LAW IN CALIFORNIA THAT DEFINES PROVIDER PRICING and how Medi-Cal should be billed? You probably think that question would be rather easy to answer after you read one of the state statutes that governs pricing relative to Medi-Cal claims. Popularly known among the lab industry as 51501(a),…

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Medi-Cal Deal Raises Interesting Questions

CEO SUMMARY: From the perspective of the average citizen, it would appear that Quest Diagnostics scored two major “wins” over the California Attorney General in the negotiations as to how the whistleblower lawsuit was to be settled. Language in the settlement agreement would …

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War College 2008 Theme: Get Close to Customers!

CEO SUMMARY: Over the course of two days, pathologists, lab directors, and other laboratory professionals repeatedly heard speakers urge them to work hard to ensure that customers are the top priority for their laboratory organization. Another theme is the need for labs to organize their …

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