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New Lab Industry Trends Require Responses by Labs

CEO SUMMARY: One stark difference between the presentations delivered at last year’s Executive War College and this year’s presentations in New Orleans last week was near-unanimous recognition that the era of fee-for-service payment is soon to end! Speaker after speaker urged the audience to accept this marketplace reality. The common recommendation was for lab administrators and pathologists to take immediate steps to help their laboratories respond to this development in effective ways.

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Laboratory Offers Early Lessons in Positioning for Success with ACOs

CEO SUMMARY: Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are already leading the shift from fee-for-service reimbursement to population payment. ACOs are leading healthcare’s evolution to preventive care, wellness, and better management of patients with chronic disease. This evolution will require that all providers, including clinical laboratories, must shift from delivering volume to producing value. In Phoenix, Arizona,

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Final Three Labs Settle California Qui Tam Case

CEO SUMMARY: In recent months, the California Attorney General (AG) entered into settlement agreements with the last three defendant laboratory companies involved in the Medi-Cal discount pricing whistleblower lawsuit. The AG did not make this news public. In their respective settlement agreements, the three laboratory companies stipulated that the agreement was not an admission of

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