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Focus Technologies Offers SARS Test to Clinicians

EARLIER THIS MONTH, Focus Technologies reference laboratories of Cypress, California announced the development of a “first-generation, real-time PCR test” designed to detect the presence of the coronavirus associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). “Focus devel…

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Specialty Laboratories, IMPATH, Roche, Abbott Laboratories, Celera Diagnostics

SPECIALTY LABORATORIES RESTORING STABILITY IN SPECIMEN VOLUME IT’S NO SURPRISE THAT COMPETITORS of Specialty Laboratories, Inc. have been willing to spread a variety of rumors about the laboratory company, given its well-publicized troubles with government regulators last …

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Patent Access Limits Rapid HIV Testing in USA

CEO SUMMARY: Diagnostic manufacturers will begin to face the same controversy over public access to diagnostic testing technology that has dogged pharmaceutical companies in recent years. Public health officials and the military are unhappy with how Bio-Rad and its HIV-2 licensees have fa…

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Bill Bonello Sees Opportunities In Diagnostic Services Companies

CEO SUMMARY: With the clinical laboratory industry now enjoying growing interest by professional investors, THE DARK REPORT traveled to New York City to meet with financial analyst William B. Bonello, of U S Bancorp Piper Jaffray. Bonello co-authored a just-released overview of what he ca…

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