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Quality Assurance Regs to Tighten for UK Labs

CEO SUMMARY: In the United Kingdom, a window of opportunity has opened for improving the quality assurance activities of pathology and histopathology laboratories. Last week, at the Frontiers in Laboratory Medicine conference, the newly-published “Pathology Quality Assurance Review” w…

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Unprecedented Growth Rates for Molecular Testing

CEO SUMMARY: There will be an expanding role for innovative clinical labs as healthcare moves forward on its path toward personalized medicine. However, to capitalize on this opportunity, pathology groups and clinical labs will need to beef up their information systems. They will also nee…

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Digital Pathology Enables UCLA–China Lab Connection

CEO SUMMARY: Digital pathology holds the promise of interconnecting pathologists around the globe in ways that advance diagnostic accuracy and improve patient outcomes. One pioneering digital pathology collaboration involves the pathology departments at the medical schools of the Universi…

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Lab Site Visits in NZ Show Impact of Lab Contracting

CEO SUMMARY: In some ways, the story of the New Zealand’s health system’s 15-year strategy to reduce the cost of clinical laboratory testing is a cautionary tale for public laboratory companies in the United States. During THE DARK REPORT’S site visit to several private labs in New …

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Lab Restructuring Moves Ahead in United Kingdom and Ireland

IT IS TOUGH TIMES FINANCIALLY for pathology and clinical laboratories in the British Isles. In both the nations of the United Kingdom and Ireland, the budget woes of the respective national governments are driving major changes in the organization and delivery of laboratory testing services. In the …

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April 2, 2012 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Like a tenacious bulldog, Roche Holding AG continues its determined effort to acquire Illumina, Inc., the company that makes gene sequencing systems. Last week, Roche increased its offer from $44.50 per share to $51 per share for Illumina stock. That raises the price…

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Lab Testing, Pathology Is Fast-Growing in China

CEO SUMMARY: It was record attendance at the major pathology congress which took place in Hangzhou, China, last month. Because of the ongoing growth of China’s economy, the demand for healthcare—and for high-quality clinical lab and pathology testing—is rising at an accelerated pace…

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Errors in Surgical Pathology Surface in the United Kingdom

ERRORS IN SURGICAL PATHOLOGY DIAGNOSES made the newspapers in the United Kingdom earlier this month. The accuracy of histopathology results at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) in Bristol, England was the subject of a news story in The Sunday Telegraph on April 10. Under the headlin…

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September 21, 2009 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

In Dover, Delaware, entrepreneur pathologist Ray Sukumar, M.D., earned a unique distinction. Earlier this summer, Sukumar was granted a patent for his unique design of a compact histopathology laboratory in a standard delivery van. That accomplishment earned recognition by the Delaware Econom…

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Molecular Advances Soon To Reshape Anatomic Path

CEO SUMMARY: Early this month, the second annual Molecular Summit assembled molecular first movers and early adopters to discuss their efforts to integrate molecular imaging and molecular diagnostics in patient care. One clear message emerged from two days of presentations and di…

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