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PGx Labs Concerned by FDA’s Statements, Actions

CEO SUMMARY: Since April, the federal Food and Drug Administration has taken steps that target clinical laboratories that perform pharmacogenetic (PGx) tests. In response to letters from the FDA, some PGx lab companies have stopped reporting data that predicts a patient’s response to certain medications. Some pathologists and lab executives have criticized the FDA’s actions

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TriPath Imaging and Ventana Sign Major Development Pact

IF THE NEW BUSINESS AGREEMENT between Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. and TriPath Imaging, Inc. is successful, then the anatomic pathology laboratory may have a very different look in future years.

Last week, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. announced a five-year global supply agreement with TriPath Imaging, Inc. that involves two primary objectives. First, Ventana will put its

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Quest Diagnostics, CVS Pharmacies, Premier, Novation, Luminex, Careside.


PATHOLOGISTS CONCERNED about pharmacists moving into the lab testing arena should closely watch the newly-announced relationship between Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and CVS Corporation.

Starting this month, CVS pharmacies in Columbus, Ohio and Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida now sell lab tests. Participating pharmacies have a card display for 12 different

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