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PhyTest Assists Doctors With Lab Testing Revenue

CEO SUMMARY: PhyTest, Inc., created a unique business model upon its founding in 1998. It primarily specializes in handling laboratory test billing and collection services to office-based physicians. It also provides evaluation, consulting, and implementation services to help physicians in client-bill states establish discounted billing relationships with reference laboratories. To avoid Stark Law issues on

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“August 22, 2005 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

In California, some physicians continue to seek illegal kickbacks from clinical laboratories. The problem is widespread enough that the FBI has conducted several “sting operations.” In a jury trial related to the long-running “Durascam” healthcare fraud investigation, a married pair of doctors, Adelina Vorperian, M.D. and Kevork Vorperian, M.D., were convicted on charges of accepting

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Washington State’s PacLab Network Is A Regional Winner

CEO SUMMARY: As a regional laboratory network, PacLab is unusual in one respect: participating hospital laboratories did not meet endlessly to talk about what they should do. Instead, action was the operative word for these network organizers. Since becoming operational in 1996, their bias for action has rewarded all participating laboratories. Test volumes are up

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HMOs Planning Double Digit Premium Increases For 1999

EXPECT THE HMO INDUSTRY TO PUSH double digit premium increases on employers for 1999. This will cause political and financial repercussions which impact clinical laboratories.

“I think the honeymoon is over,” stated Henry Moyer, healthcare consultant with New York-based Hirschfield, Stern, Moyer & Rose. During the period of 1994-1996, employers saw increases to healthcare premiums of

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Lab Industry Briefs

In travels to laboratories around the United States, THE DARK REPORT is getting interesting, but anecdotal, feedback about Cytyc Corp.’s ThinPrep® monolayer Pap smear test. Pathologists and laboratory directors are noticing two perceived benefits to using the ThinPrep process. One, their cytologists are able to report a higher percentage of Pap smears

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