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Gene Testing Lab Goes ‘Cold Turkey,’ Stops Billing Health Plans

CEO SUMMARY: Last year, Kailos Genetics stopped collecting third-party payment, dropped its prices sharply, and started marketing its genetic-screening tests directly to consumers and physicians. At the time, 100% of its revenue came from third-party payers. Today, it gets 100% of its rev…

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Health Insurers See Big Increase in Lab Utilization

CEO SUMMARY: In a recent public workshop, managed care executives revealed that the annual cost of outpatient laboratory testing is increasing at twice the rate of all other medical services. One big driver in the increased spending on lab testing is increased utilization…

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Navigenics Buys Clinical Lab From Affymetrix Last Month

IF NAVIGENICS INC. HAD A SLOGAN to match its business model, it might be, “Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!” Last month the personal genomics testing company acquired a clinical testing laboratory. In a deal with Affymetrix, Inc., Navigenics purchased the …

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“November 10, 2003 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Has the disappearance of much despised closed panel HMOs eased the financial woes of physicians? Apparently not, according to a recent study. Medical groups are losing money. Nationwide, the average loss-per-physician by medical groups was $3,977. In the 2003 survey, 25,784 physicians responded, a 26…

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“Direct-to-Consumer” Ad Runs in New York Times

CEO SUMMARY: Two pioneering advertising campaigns launched in September. Both Myriad Genetics and IMPATH targeted consumers with advertisements about diagnostic testing. In each case, the most vocal response to the advertising came from within the medical community. Within the pathology p…

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AETNA RECOMMENDS PAYERS SUPPORT GENETIC SCREENING TESTS ALL LABORATORIANS SHOULD send a special note of thanks to Aetna Chairman and CEO John W. Rowe, M.D. for his recommendation that the health industry support the concept of genetic testing. He made these recommendations as part of speech…

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Myriad Genetics, LabCorp, Abbott Labs, OraSure,TheraSense

DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER ADS FROM MYRIAD GENETICS TO START THIS FALL FOLLOWING THE EXAMPLE of the pharmaceutical industry in using direct-to consumer advertising to build drug sales, Myriad Genetics, Inc. is about to launch an advertising campaign for its predictive genetics tests…

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Esoterix, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, California Hospitals, Myriad Genetics

ESOTERIX, INC. LAUNCHES TEST REPORTS VIA WEB BROWSER WEB-ACCESSED LAB TEST REPORTING is now available at Esoterix, Inc., based in Austin, Texas. The accomplishment represents a major milestone for the lab company. It now has a common lab test reporting capability that draws…

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