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Lab Innovators Point Way At Executive War College

CEO SUMMARY: Now in its tenth year, this Executive War College attracted a record crowd, including laboratory leaders from Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. The unexpected finding was that, along with the growing acceptance of Lean, Six Sigma and other quality management systems by the nation’s first-rank lab organizations, assertive surveying of physician and

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Quest Finally Owns Unilab, New Market Cycle To Begin

PERSISTENCE FINALLY PAID OFF for Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. On February 26, it took ownership of Unilab Corporation, capping almost 11 months of effort.

In completing this acquisition, Quest Diagnostics completes the two blood brothers’ acquisition sweep of mid-sized public lab companies during 2002. The familiar names of American Medical Laboratories, Dynacare, DIANON Systems, and Unilab are

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