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NYU Langone and Sonic Healthcare Create Laboratory Outreach Joint Venture

CEO SUMMARY: NYU Langone Health recognized the clinical and financial advantages of providing competitive lab outreach testing services to its employed physicians. The laboratory joint venture with Sonic Healthcare USA will allow NYU Langone to increase use of its hospital labs and will facilitate standardizing its testing methods, results, and reference ranges. The first phase

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In Texas, Questions for UnitedHealth, BeaconLBS

CEO SUMMARY: As of January 1, 2017, clinical laboratories and pathology groups in Texas will find it more difficult to serve the 500,000 patients enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s fully-insured commercial plans in the Lone Star State. That’s because—just as it did in Florida—UnitedHealthcare, with its partners BeaconLBS and Laboratory Corporation of America, is implementing its laboratory

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UnitedHealth Not Paying Lab Claims of Some Docs

BeaconLBS and United Healthcare

CEO SUMMARY: It continues to be tough going in Florida for UnitedHealthcare and its contractor, BeaconLBS. Efforts to implement the UHC laboratory benefit management program face stiff resistance from some physicians and a number of state medical associations. One primary care group in Vero Beach says payments for its clinical lab test claims have been inconsistent since April 1 because it refuses to use UnitedHealthcare’s Beacon Laboratory Benefit Solutions pro- gram when ordering tests for UHC’s commercial patients.

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Medicare Ends Coverage for Genetic Drug-Sensitivity Tests

pharmacogenomic testing image test tube

CEO SUMMARY: Medicare’s decision to cease covering many pharmacogenomic tests puts as many as 19 million Americans who have genetic variations affecting their response to medications at risk. These medications are commonly prescribed for patients with cardiovascular disease, pain, depression, anxiety, and cancer. Meanwhile, medical centers such as Mayo Clinic are conducting clinical studies to collect evidence that appropriate use of pharmacogenomic tests can improve patient outcomes while also reducing the cost of care.

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