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Bio-Rad Buys Ciphergen’s Proteomics Technology

PROTEOMICS IS EXPECTED TO BE ONE of the most active areas in molecular diagnostics and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. has just staked a major claim to a promising proteomic technology.

In a transaction announced on August 18, 2006, Bio-Rad will acquire the proprietary proteomics instrument business of Ciphergen Biosystems Inc., which includes the SELDI technology (Surface Enhanced

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May 1, 2006 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Lots of news unfolding across the lab industry. Here’s a round-up of recent and noteworthy items:

• Persistent rumors indicate that a new national anatomic pathology company is in formation. Likely to be involved is James New, former CEO of AmeriPath, Inc. during its formative years and through that company’s sale to Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe in early 2003. (See

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Looking at Fast-Growth And Slow-Growth Areas In Diagnostic Testing

CEO SUMMARY: This exclusive intelligence briefing predicts how specific new technologies may drive changes in the laboratory-testing marketplace during the next five years. The key message is that change is expected to be incremental, not disruptive—given the technology known to be in development at this time. But the more provocative insight relates to how even

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Dynacare, LabCorp, IMPATH, Visible Genetics, Abbott Labs

With Quest Diagnostics Incorporated snapping up independent lab companies right and left in recent months, the question asked by many is “Where’s Laboratory Corporation of America?”

On the sell side, American Medical Laboratories and Unilab have been acquired by Quest Diagnostics. The largest remaining independent commercial

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Bill Bonello Sees Opportunities In Diagnostic Services Companies

CEO SUMMARY: With the clinical laboratory industry now enjoying growing interest by professional investors, THE DARK REPORT traveled to New York City to meet with financial analyst William B. Bonello, of U S Bancorp Piper Jaffray. Bonello co-authored a just-released overview of what he calls the “diagnostic services industry.” He is bullish on the future

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