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Is New Cycle of Fraud Plaguing Lab Industry?

CEO SUMMARY: Taken collectively, the growing number of federal investigations of clinical lab companies and health insurer lawsuits against lab companies alleging fraudulent business practices signals a disturbing new trend for the lab industry. Although these allegations are lev…

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Will Federal Prosecutors Pursue HDL Lab Execs and Physicians?

WHERE WAS MUCH TO BE LEARNED when, on April 9, federal prosecutors announced settlements of multiple whistleblower lawsuits against Health Diagnostics Laboratory, Inc. of Richmond, Virginia, and Singulex Inc. of Alameda, California. First, the Department of Justice structured a…

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Are Prosecutors Afraid of Big and Little Lab Firms?

CEO SUMMARY: Settlements in the big whistleblower suits involving major lab companies typically generate national headlines. But seldom do the views of the “quiet majority” of lab owners and lab executives get much attention. These are the majority of lab professionals workin…

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Letter to Editor on EMR Donations, Deeply-Discounted Client Prices

Dear Editor: Because THE DARK REPORT is willing to tackle tough issues regarding the business end of the pathology profession, I am writing to call attention to a serious situation. What follows is presented as mostly factual and minimally perceptive. While I have no fe…

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Path Group Responds to FBI Visits in Stokes Case

CEO SUMMARY: As the FBI launched its investigation of fraudulent billing by Michigan dermatologist Robert W. Stokes, D.O., two years ago, staff at several pathology labs found themselves “up close and personal” with federal healthcare fraud prosecutors. One pathology lab, based on wha…

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Technical/Professional Billing Has Risks for Labs, Doctors

IT’S A HOT TOPIC ACROSS THE ANATOMIC PATHOLOGY PROFESSION. Increasing numbers of physician groups are hiring laboratories to perform the technical component of an anatomic pathology case and engaging pathologists to diagnose the cases. This phenomenon is often called TC/PC, to repr…

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Why Is There Crime In the Lab Industry?

CEO SUMMARY: Since 1991, there have been criminal indictments or criminal convictions of four former CEOs of public lab companies. Given the limited number of public lab companies active in the market at any moment in time, this is a remarkably high rate of criminal behavior. Moreover, th…

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Bi-Annual Look at Trends Reshaping Clinical Labs

CEO SUMMARY: Among other things, we declare the end to the heyday of the independent commercial lab company which offers a broad test menu to all types of office-based physicians. In its place springs forth the specialty or niche testing laboratory. Small and focused on a specific number …

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LabCorp’s Smith Speaks On New Pathology Trend

CEO SUMMARY: During the past decade, Laboratory Corporation of America’s Brad Smith faced the spear point of evolving Medicare/Medicaid compliance initiatives which changed so many laboratory industry business practices. Smith believes that business models for in-house anatomic patholog…

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IMPATH Delisted by Nasdaq, Under Investigation by SEC

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 27, Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. delisted the stock of IMPATH, Inc. Less than a week earlier, IMPATH had disclosed that it was under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). IMPATH can truly be described as a comp…

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