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CMS Shows Its Hand in New Draft Rules for 2019

CEO SUMMARY: Publication of the draft Medicare Physician Fee Schedule on July 12 brought unwelcome news for the clinical lab industry, at least as it pertains to whether hospital lab outreach data should be included in the PAMA market study that the federal Centers for Medicare and Medica…

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CMS physician fee schedule: Will hospital labs be excluded again from PAMA price reporting?

CEO SUMMARY: Publication of the draft CMS Physician Fee Schedule on July 12 brought unwelcome news for the clinical lab industry, at least as it pertains to that perennial question: Should hospital lab outreach data be included in a PAMA market study? The federal Centers for Medicare and …

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Allegations of Lab Test Fraud Involve Multiple Defendants

CEO SUMMARY: UnitedHealth made national news when it filed a $100 million lawsuit against Next Health and other defendants in Dallas in January 2017. The insurer alleged fraud involving clinical laboratory tests. That lawsuit is just the latest chapter in an almost decade-long string of …

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Allegations in UHC health insurance fraud case involve multiple defendants

This is an excerpt from a 5,000-word article in the January 22, 2018, issue of THE DARK REPORT. The complete article is available for a limited time to all readers, and available at all times to paid members of the Dark Intelligence Group. …

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PAMA Final Rule a Threat To Community Lab Survival

CEO SUMMARY: Will implementation of the final PAMA private payment rate reporting rule for labs put smaller, community labs at financial risk? Yes, says the National Independent Laboratory Association (NILA). By deliberately setting a standard to exclude private payer payment data from ho…

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Opko Pays $1.47 Billion to Buy Bio-Reference Lab

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a case of the little fish gobbling the big fish, as Opko Health – with revenue of $91 million – will be acquiring Bio-Reference Laboratories, with revenue of $832 million. But the more interesting aspect of the story is that the CEO of Opko Health is a physi…

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What’s New at Theranos? Lab Firm Expands in AZ

CEO SUMMARY: Over the past 18 months, Theranos has taken steps to enter the clinical lab marketplace. Across Greater Phoenix, Theranos now has specimen collection centers in about 40 Walgreens pharmacies. It is opening a CLIA lab facility in Scottsdale. Now that it is delivering…

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March 9, 2015 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Many laboratory professionals are closely watching the development of Theranos, the lab testing company based in Palo Alto, California, that claims it has technology and a business model that will disrupt the clinical laboratory testing market. Recently Forbes announced its annual li…

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September 22, 2014 “Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Did you know that the world’s longest automation track in a clinical laboratory has just become operational in India? At 93.5 meters (307 feet), it is longer than a football field, according to a press release issued by Siemens Diagnostics. The automation was installed at the centr…

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Ignoring Lab Industry, Theranos Goes Its Way

CEO SUMMARY: With each passing month, Theranos pulls open the curtain a bit more on its business structure and its market growth plans. Its clinical lab tests are now offered in Walgreens pharmacies in Palo Alto, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. Recent news coverage in Fortune and USATod…

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