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Labs React with Criticism to Proposed ADLT Rule

CEO SUMMARY: Some in the lab industry had high hopes that passage of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) last year would favorably resolve a number of important issues. However, those hopes were dashed following the September 25 release by CMS of a proposed rule setting out how i…

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Pathologists Benefit from Hospital Lab Consulting

CEO SUMMARY: Deteriorating finances at many rural hospitals and smaller community hospitals is a growing trend. It is also a new consulting opportunity for local pathologists because financially-strapped hospitals often give their labs inadequate working capital and lack the staff needed …

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Congress May Respond to Tough CLIA PT Penalties

CEO SUMMARY: For years, severe penalties in cases where a laboratory has inadvertently erred in handling proficiency testing (PT) specimens have been a point of contention between the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the clinical laboratory profession. Two bills prop…

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Medi-Cal Hits Pathologist For $6.4 Million Payment

CEO SUMMARY: Once again, government health bureaucrats are overreaching in their efforts to reduce spending and collect money from any source. A California pathologist has been hit with a Medi-Cal demand for $6.4 million in repayments, simply because he served as laboratory director for t…

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