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Educated Consumers Buying 250-Bioassay Lab Test Panel

CEO SUMMARY: Biophysical Corporation is creating a new, direct-to-consumer market for laboratory testing. Its unique approach is to offer 250-bioassay test panels—along with a staff physician review of results—to the educated, informed consumer. Testing multiple biomarkers makes it possible to identify disease and predict risk in asymptomatic patients. High profile customers such as Oprah Winfrey

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Ventana & Cytyc Fall Short, Danaher Wins the Prize

WHEN Danaher Corporation’s high bid for Vision Systems Limited of Melbourne, Australia, was accepted last month, it appeared to be simply another acquisition by a large U.S. manufacturer. But, in fact, there are four reasons this transaction is significant to pathologists in the United States and worldwide.

If approved by Vision’s shareholders later this year, the

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Pathologists Contribute To Women’s Hospital

CEO SUMMARY: Speedier pathology reports and more active involvement with clinicians are two ways that the 15 pathologists at Pathology Group of the Mid-South help Baptist Memorial Women’s Hospital meet its goals of improved outcomes and a patient-friendly environment. Even with an off-site pathology laboratory, same-day reports for most small needle biopsy reports is the

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