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Labs Can Be Misguided by Pull-Through Test Myth

CEO SUMMARY: For the first time in almost eight years, there are major disruptions to the status quo in managed care contracting for laboratory testing services. As was true in the 1990s, national lab companies are pursuing exclusive national contracts with the nation’s…

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DOJ Sends Subpoenas To Quest & LabCorp

CEO SUMMARY: In Newark, New Jersey, the Office of the U.S. Attorney served subpoenas to each of the two blood brothers, seeking information on “capitation and risk-sharing arrangements with government and private payers for the years 1993 through 1999.” At this point, little is known …

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“Free Testing” Strategy Stirs the Pot in Tenn.

CEO SUMMARY: In Tennessee, the state’s Medicaid HMO plan has been at odds with Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, which is using the “free testing” strategy to expand its share of the market. In recent months, TennCare Select has taken active steps to insure its physicians understand tha…

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Quest Finally Owns Unilab, New Market Cycle To Begin

PERSISTENCE FINALLY PAID OFF for Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. On February 26, it took ownership of Unilab Corporation, capping almost 11 months of effort. In completing this acquisition, Quest Diagnostics completes the two blood brothers’ acquisition sweep of m…

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Pacificare, IBM, Keane, MedicaLogic/MedScape, WebMD, DrKoop.com

PACIFICARE BEGINS SERIOUS RESTRUCTURING TO SHIFT EMPHASIS NOT SO MANY YEARS AGO, PacifiCare Health Systems Inc. was considered the quintessential embodiment of all that was expected to be good with managed healthcare. The company’s business model was studied and copied in…

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2001’s Ten Big Stories Presage Future Direction

CEO SUMMARY: During 2001, few labs found themselves under intense pressure to change or react to dramatic events in the healthcare marketplace. Like 2000, this past year was marked by evolutionary progress, not revolutionary change. However, continuing signs indicate that consumers will p…

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Unilab Files Registration For IPO of $115 Million

CEO SUMMARY: During the 1990s, Unilab used the twin strategies of lab acquisitions and aggressive sales and marketing to fuel rapid growth in specimen volumes and net revenues. However, California’s ultra-competitive managed care market and severe financial problems during the latter ha…

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DIANON Systems, IMPATH, Specialty Labs, Dynacare, Quest, LabCorp

DIANON & IMPATH REPORT 2000 EARNINGS TWO OF THE NATIONAL anatomic pathology companies reported fourth quarter earnings. Both DIANON Systems, Inc. and IMPATH, Inc. posted big gains in revenues and operating profits for 2000. At DIANON Systems, revenues r…

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Medicare HMO Program Debates Funding Levels

CEO SUMMARY: Medicare+Choice was to offer seniors insurance options that went beyond standard Medicare fee-for-service services.Through the 1990s, seniors enrolled in Medicare HMOs at phenomenal rates. A recent GAO report repeated claims that Medicare HMOs are over-funded, to the tune of …

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WellPoint Health Networks Offers To Buy Aetna For $10.5 Billion

TAKING ADVANTAGE of a weak share price for Aetna, Inc., two major corporations sent an unsolicited tender offer to the Aetna board. The joint bid was submitted by WellPoint Health Insurance Networks Inc. of Thousand Oaks, California, and ING Group NV, a Dutch insura…

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