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LabCorp, Quest Talk about Medicare Lab Price Cuts

CEO SUMMARY: In an effort to forestall CMS’ efforts to implement the PAMA final rule on market price reporting, Laboratory Corporation of America and Quest Diagnostics are meeting with members of Congress, officials in the administration, and the new leadership of CMS. During recent conference calls, executives at both lab companies shared insights about these

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All-Star Vitamin D Panel Looks at Lab Challenges

CEO SUMMARY: Need proof that the issues surrounding today’s Vitamin 25(OH) D are of keen interest to laboratory professionals? Not only did the EXECUTIVE WAR COLLEGE’S in depth sessions on Vitamin D draw a large audience and enthusiastic participation by attendees, but within weeks, two of the lab industry’s most-watched magazines published headline stories about

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Multi-Modality Diagnosis Heading for Lab Medicine

CEO Summary: At the upcoming Molecular Summit in Philadelphia on February 10-11, 2009, pathologists, molecular imaging experts, and informaticians will share the latest developments on the integration of in vivo (imaging) and in vitro (pathology) diagnostics. A major theme will be discussion about multi-modality diagnostics and how this new discipline—driven by advances in genetics and

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“April 5, 2004 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

There’s a new national lab company ready to compete. This week American Esoterix Laboratories, Inc. (AEL) announced it was open and ready for business. Based in Brentwood, Tennessee, it has already completed two lab acquisitions (ThromboCare Laboratories and Viral Diagnostics, Inc., both in the Dallas, Texas area). Chairman and CEO is Brian Carr. President and

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Northwestern Hospital Laboratory Supports Reduced Infection Rate

THIS MONTH, ONE OF THE NATION’S most unique and effective nosocomial infection programs completes its seventh year of operation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

This one-of-a-kind infection control effort is organized around the laboratory—specifically, in-house molecular typing within the microbiology department. Functioning as part of a multi-disciplinary team chartered to cut the rate of hospital infections,

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