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UroCor’s Sales Tactics Violated Medicare Laws

CEO SUMMARY: By issuing a multi-count criminal indictment against three former UroCor executives, one federal attorney is creating new legal precedents for the laboratory industry. The criminal charges accuse UroCor of inducing physicians through such gambits as deeply-discounted pricing and “free testing” when not a contracted network laboratory. Labs should review compliance with these types

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Where Will “Free Tests” Take the Lab Industry?

CEO SUMMARY: In the absence of public discussion, continued use of the “free testing” strategy by the nation’s more aggressive laboratory companies could trigger some unpleasant consequences that would affect all laboratories and pathology group practices. Five questions, presented here, illustrate how private and public healthcare payers might react to the ongoing use of “free

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“March 27, 2000 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Will lab information system services be a value- added selling point for the national reference labs? Developments at American Medical Laboratories (AML) and Specialty Laboratories would indicate yes. First, AML entered a strategic alliance with Park City Solutions to develop e-commerce solutions targeted at healthcare and laboratory services. Now Specialty Labs has recruited Jack Redding

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