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Michigan’s Ascension to Standardize Labs Throughout the State

CEO SUMMARY: Two trends are driving a movement to standardize laboratory operations across large regions: the integration of clinical care and the need for hospitals and health networks to improve patient outcomes continuously. In Michigan, Ascension Health is an example of a lab team working to standardize lab testing activities among seven organizations, 14 hospitals,

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Spectrum’s IT Strategy Now Includes EMRs

CEO SUMMARY: By offering client-physicians an electronic medical records (EMR)  system, Spectrum Lab Network expects to gain competitive advantage. The EMR solution supports Spectrum’s strategy of providing enhanced and integrated informatics services to all users, including physicians, payers, and patients. Until now, no lab has ever offered to be a source of EMR sales and service to office-based physicians.


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ProxyMed & Medscape Select Atlas LabWorks™

CEO SUMMARY: ProxyMed and MedScape just announced contracts with Atlas Development Corporation. Both companies will integrate Atlas LabWorks™ for electronic test ordering and results reporting into software products they sell to labs and physicians’ offices. Such collaborations again illustrate the importance of a competitive solution for electronic lab test ordering and reporting.


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