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November 16, 2015 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News

Intelligence Late & Latent News

Roper Industries, the owner of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc., acquired two more lab informatics companies. On October 26, it announced a definitive agreement to purchase Atlas Medical, familiar to lab administrators as one of the main providers of connectivity solutions for clinical labs and pathology groups in the United States. Roper also signed an agreement to

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Maine’s Spectrum Medical Group Offers Multiple Specialties

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists looking for a viable future in a healthcare system marked by integration of clinical care and value-based reimbursement will be interested to learn about Spectrum Medical Group based in Portland, Maine. This 180-member multispecialist group includes 22 pathologists (but no primary care physicians). It has found a way to serve ACOs, health

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InCyte Pathology Buys DSM Lab in Walla Walla

CEO SUMMARY: For the nation’s thousands of private pathology group practices, consolidation is now a growing trend. The latest example is last week’s acquisition of the three-pathologist practice known as the Davis-Sameh-Meeker Laboratory in Walla Walla, Washington, by InCyte Pathology, P.S., of Spokane Valley. There are growing numbers of these mergers and consolidations involving independent

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Acute Histotech Shortage Grows Across the USA

CEO SUMMARY: Pathology laboratories are enjoying steady increases in specimen volume and revenue as new molecular assays gain acceptance by clinicians. However, the supply of histotechnologists is failing to keep pace with growth in the volume of tissue-based testing. One executive who places histotechs into laboratories predicts that competition among labs for skilled histotechs will

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New & Stefanelli Launch Anatomic Path Venture

CEO SUMMARY: With little fanfare, Aurora Diagnostics, Inc. opened for business last summer. It states that it has already signed acquisition agreements with five different pathology groups. Former AmeriPath executives James C. New and Martin J. Stefanelli are leading Aurora Diagnostics. Handling business development activities for Aurora will be Christopher Jahnle and Kirk Rebane of

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Clinical Lab and Pathology Informatics Merging For Internet Solutions

CEO SUMMARY: Information is where both clinical laboratories and anatomic pathologists will continue to add value to healthcare in the future. At this year’s Executive War College in May, THE DARK REPORT asked several leading innovators in laboratory and pathology informatics to share their actual experience in funding and operating the earliest telemedicine and telepathology

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Pathology PPMs Unlike Most Other PPM Firms

PHYSICIAN PRACTICE MANAGEMENT (PPM) companies have arrived at pathology’s doorstep. For better or worse, a new era is pushing its way into the pathology profession.

In the first installment of this exclusive DARK REPORT series, we exposed the rotten secret behind the “growth by acquisition” strategy. “Acquisition only” strategies are no guarantee of ongoing financial stability.
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