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LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics Both Say 2014 Revenue Was Up

BOTH OF THE NATION’S LARGEST clinical laboratory companies reported increased specimen volume as a result of the Accountable Care Act (ACA), as noted in their respective fourth quarter and full-year earnings reports. First to issue its earning statement was Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. On…

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Delivering Added Value = More Lab Reimbursement

WILL HISTORY LOOK BACK ON 2013 AND DECLARE IT to have been a watershed year for the clinical laboratory testing industry? I ask that question because many of you are telling us here at THE DARK REPORT that you expect rapid and unprecedented changes in the lab testing marketplace in your community or …

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Narrower Provider Networks Topic during Quest Conference Call

SINCE MAY 1, 2012, the nation’s largest clinical laboratory company has had a new CEO, who is Stephen H. Rusckowski. The company’s second quarter conference call provided an opportunity to learn more about how he views Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. Conducted on July 19, the fi…

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Hospital and Health System Labs Brace for Change

BY THE TIME MOST OF YOU ARE READING THIS, it is likely that the Supreme Court ruling on the challenge to the Accountable Care Act (ACA) will be public knowledge. It was this week of June 25-June 29 that the ruling was expected to be announced. Obviously, there are three potential rulings: 1) to all…

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Healthcare Reform Puts Local Labs at Risk

THESE ARE DANGEROUS TIMES for local clinical labs and community hospital-based pathology groups. Although several elements of healthcare reform and emerging models of integrated clinical care favor local labs, there are equally powerful trends at play with the potential to concentrate ever more marke…

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Health Insurers Now Finding Ways to Cut Costs and Shed Risks

CEO SUMMARY: Both employers and health insurers are taking aggressive steps to rein in healthcare costs. Several strategies to control spending and create powerful new incentives for providers are gaining favor. At this year’s Executive War College, Paul Mango of McKinsey & Company,…

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Executive War College Looks at Threats to Lab Industry

CEO SUMMARY: Taken collectively, the speakers at the opening session of the 17th Annual Executive War College on Lab and Pathology Management had a powerful message to the nearly 700 attendees. After years of slow movement, a rapid transformation of the American healthcare system is about…

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2011’s Top 10 Lab Stories Point to a Busy 2012

CEO SUMMARY: Given the specific news stories that make up THE DARK REPORT’S list of the “Top Ten Lab Stories for 2011,” it might be said that 2011 was a rather quiet year overshadowed by anticipation of the coming reforms mandated by the Accountable Care Act of 2010. For the clinica…

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Congress Likely to Pass Deep Cuts in Lab Test Fees

CEO SUMMARY: All signs point to a potentially dismal financial outcome for the clinical lab testing industry as Congress tries to trim spending by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. At least three proposals to significantly cut lab test reimbursement are in active debate by fe…

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Congress Again Considers Co-Insurance for Lab Tests

CEO SUMMARY: Congressional cost-cutters are putting the 20% patient co-pay/coinsurance requirement for lab testing back on the table. The added complication this year is that the new Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction is mandated to produce its own list of cuts to the Me…

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