“Actionable Intelligence” In Real Time

BEFORE YOU READ THIS ISSUE, I would like to make three observations. Each will help you get maximum value from the information contained herein about the trend of in-house anatomic pathology (AP) laboratories in specialist physician groups.

First, THE DARK REPORT’S coverage of this trend is unmatched by any other source in the lab industry. Not only are we first to identify the scope and scale of this trend—even as it is gathering momentum in the healthcare marketplace—but we are providing you with facts and analysis that are unavailable from any other single source. This intelligence gives you competitive advantage when crafting your lab’s strategy to cope with this trend.

Second, THE DARK REPORT is giving you a front row seat. You are watching a major trend unfold in front of you, in real time. I hope you fully appreciate the business advantage this gives you and your laboratory. Armed with this knowledge, your laboratory has an opportunity to respond to this trend proactively. You can educate your specialist physician clients to the full range of risks, before they hear the siren calls of AP condo laboratory promoters (who are often willing to over-represent and under-disclose to make a sale).

Three, THE DARK REPORT’S coverage of this trend, requiring two expanded issues, contains a wealth of unpublished facts and sophisticated analysis that allows you to make your own determination about the impact of this trend on your laboratory. We define this as “actionable intelligence.” It is intelligence that arrives before an event and allows you to make an intervention that changes the outcome in positive ways. Again, this is a value-added trait unique to THE DARK REPORT.

I am amazed at what our editor has produced—to give you a competitive edge. He’s identified the major promoters behind this trend. He’s obtained and published the financial projections used to persuade specialist physicians to invest in an AP lab. He’s sharing 12-core prostate biopsy utilization data unavailable anywhere else. He’s even managed to get a site visit and photos of an AP laboratory condominium complex. All of this required intense detective work and many hours of effort.

Put this actionable intelligence to good use. Contact your specialist physician clients. Let them read for themselves about this trend. Act decisively to preserve your role as a trusted provider of AP services in your town.


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