Catholic Health Initiatives Signs Pact with PAML

Goal is to pursue hospital lab joint ventures in multiple regional markets served by CHI hospitals

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CEO SUMMARY: In concept, it is a simple deal. Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), the nation’s second largest Catholic health system, is taking a 25% equity position in Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML). However, the consequences may be significant. PAML now has an open door to develop laboratory joint ventures with the 78 hospitals operated by CHI. It also is positioned to become the primary esoteric and reference testing partner for the CHI hospitals.
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PAML’s “Magic Touch” with Hospital
Laboratory Joint Ventures

Commentary and Opinion by R. Lewis Dark, The Dark Report

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT THAT ONE OF THE TWO BLOOD BROTHERS inked a deal: 1) to set up a series of hospital laboratory joint ventures with a multi-billion health system that operated 50 to 100 hospitals in 15 to 20 states; and, 2) to be a primary source of esoteric and reference testing to all those hospitals. Wouldn’t that be a major event among Wall Street analysts and investors? I’ll bet it would. We would see a flood of commentary praising the shrewd strategy of the blood brother executives to partner upwith hospitals.There would be rosy projections about increased specimens and revenue that would accrue from sequentially establishing commercial lab/hospital lab joint ventures in different markets—each done with the full support of the parent health system.
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