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UHC’s Z-Code Requirement for Molecular Test Claims Starts Aug. 1

In what may be an alarming development for certain clinical laboratories, as of Aug. 1, UnitedHealthcare will require Z-codes for molecular test claims filed under its commercial health plans. ...

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Kaiser Acquires Geisinger Health in Blockbuster, Value-Based Deal

The Dark Report examines how the acquisition of Geisinger Health by Kaiser Permanente not only sets the stage for more blockbuster hospital deals, but offers a platform for new value-based reimbursement models. Kaiser is forming a new value-based organization to include Geis...

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HHS Draft Rule Will Standardize Electronic Signatures

Every year, payers refuse laboratory test claims on grounds that the ordering provider’s signature is missing or illegible—a situation that costs clinical labs million of dollars in missed reimbursements. This situation might change once a proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Health and Huma...

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Six Important Executive War College Themes to Help Labs Succeed

Clinical laboratories face business challenges with day-to-day operations, genetic testing, and evolving care delivery models. The 2023 Executive War College on Diagnostics, Clinical Laboratory, and Pathology Ma...

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Sanford/Fairview Merger Has Implications for Clinical Labs

Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis recently announced their intent to merge later this year. The Sanford/Fairview merger, like many blockbuster deals involving integrated delivery networks (IDN), has long-term implications for clinical laboratorie...

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Lab Accreditors CAP and Joint Commission Face Inspector Hiring Pressures

In an exclusive story, The Dark Report covers the difficulties facing lab accreditors the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and The Joint Commission (TJC) in staffing inspection and survey teams under CLIA. Like the clinical laboratories they accredit to the requirem...

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Joint Commission Will No Longer Accept COLA Accreditation

The Dark Report reports on the provocative move by The Joint Commission (TJC) to no longer recognize COLA's accreditation program for laboratories within TJC-accredited facilities.  The decision was effective Jan 1, 2023. COLA-accredited la...

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Eight Macro Trends for Clinical Labs Will Shape Diagnostic Services in 2023 and Beyond

The Dark Report’s “Eight Macro Trends for Clinical Labs in 2023” delivers the insights that lab administrators and pathologists will want to study as they formulate their future business strategies. These include staffing shortages, factors threatening the stability of...

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The Dark Report Announces Top 10 Clinical Laboratory Stories of 2022

There are valuable insights to be gleaned from The Dark Report’s “Top 10 Clinical Laboratory Stories for 2022.” Several of this year’s story picks involve external forces reshaping healthcare in the United States in profound ways. Other story picks for 2022 illustrat...

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Babson Diagnostics' Eric Olson Outlines Company's Innovative Blood Draw Model

Healthcare technology company Babson Diagnostics is pursuing a new hybrid model for blood draws that it believes brings together the best of clinical laboratories and retail pharmacies, and founder and COO Eric Olson explains the innovations unfolding at his company in an exclusive i...

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