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Laboratories Sit Squarely Between New Genetics and Today’s Medicine

“Clinical laboratories and pathology groups are at the leading edge of the genetic revolution.” —Rick J. Carlson.

CEO SUMMARY: Healthcare futurist Rick J. Carlson believes that knowledge of the human genome will trigger revolutionary changes in the American healthcare system. In particular, Carlson predicts consumers will drive the primary shift in the way healthcare services are

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Bill Bonello Sees Opportunities In Diagnostic Services Companies

CEO SUMMARY: With the clinical laboratory industry now enjoying growing interest by professional investors, THE DARK REPORT traveled to New York City to meet with financial analyst William B. Bonello, of U S Bancorp Piper Jaffray. Bonello co-authored a just-released overview of what he calls the “diagnostic services industry.” He is bullish on the future

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Pathology Profession Facing New Directions

CEO SUMMARY: Big changes ahead during the next decade. Among the predictions: the number of two and three-pathologist group practices will radically diminish; pathology centers of excellence will achieve new market dominance; and…ever more intense competition for anatomic pathology specimens! At the same time, expect this decade to bolster the professional status of pathologists.


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