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Lab Professionals Long Knew of Challenges at Theranos

CEO SUMMARY: As THE DARK REPORT has continually reported, pathologists and medical laboratory professionals in the San Francisco and Phoenix markets were aware for most of the past year that Theranos was not delivering to patients and consumers the specific lab testing services it regula…

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Lab Professionals Knew of Challenges at Theranos

CEO SUMMARY: For most of the past year, pathologists and medical laboratory professionals in the San Francisco and Phoenix markets were aware that Theranos was not delivering to patients and consumers the specific lab testing services it regularly touted in news stories and at conferences…

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How One Pathology Group Survived Its First RAC Audit

CEO SUMMARY: Last summer, InCyte Pathology in Spokane, Washington, found itself facing demand letters from the recovery audit contractor (RAC) responsible for that region. The RAC auditor was questioning claims for technical component (TC) services and seeking repayment from InCy…

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Putting Centrifuges Into Courier Cars For Mobile Processing

CEO SUMMARY: To improve the quality of lab services it provides to more than 300 skilled nursing facilities (SNF) while reducing costs, MuirLab of Concord, California, has created a “mobile specimen processing” solution. It operates a fleet of courier cars with centr…

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When Does Cost Cutting Affect a Lab’s Quality?

CEO SUMMARY: Many lab professionals note the irony that a laboratory so publicly committed to Six Sigma quality management methods is now identified with the single largest episode of systemic failure in lab test accuracy. Looking in from the outside, some pathologists suggest th…

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Univ. of Tokyo Hospital Lab Has Plenty of Automation

CEO SUMMARY: In Japan, many clinical laboratories are in their third decade of using automation. At the University of Tokyo Hospital, total laboratory automation (TLA) was first implemented in 1991. Now on its fourth generation TLA system, this laboratory was worked upstream to automate s…

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ARUP, Motoman Automate Thawing and Mixing Steps

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory automation continues to develop in unexpected new directions. Recently, ARUP Laboratories and Motoman, Inc., collaborated to develop an automated thawing and mixing solution that integrates with ARUP’s existing automated line and replaces manual processes. Put in…

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IVD Executive Discusses Three Developing Trends

CEO SUMMARY: In a refreshingly candid assessment of current technology published in IVD Technology magazine, one lab industry executive describes both the successes and the failings of analyzers, automation, and software. He offers three trends he expects will address the deficiencies of …

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CARESIDE POC Solution in entirety, the traditional way of performing tests in the To Alter Lab Organization

CEO SUMMARY: CARESIDE’s point-of-care testing system gives laboratory executives a new tool for bringing value-added laboratory services to clinicians. In this exclusive interview, W. Vickery Stoughton, Chairman and CEO of CARESIDE, Inc., shares his perspectives on the clinical laborato…

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Pap Smear Technologies Battle For Market Share

CEO SUMMARY: Cytyc, NeoPath and Neuromedical each tapped the public capital markets during the past 18 months. Now investors expect to see earnings growth and dividends as soon as possible. Clinical laboratories should expect intensified sales and marketing efforts from these three compan…

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