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Problems with ICD-9 Codes Contribute to Coder Shortage

ALTHOUGH ICD-9 IS CONSIDERED inadequate to effectively meet the needs of today’s healthcare system, a number of hurdles prevent implementation of the proposed ICD-10 codes. Of equal significance is another problem intertwined with the inadequate ICD-9 coding system: a nationwide shortage of coders…

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Change Beneath Surface Marks 2004 Lab Stories

CEO SUMMARY: Presented here are THE DARK REPORT’S “Ten Biggest Lab Stories of 2004.” These are the events we consider most important to the lab industry during the year. However, in contrast to past years, 2004 lacked the types of blockbuster events which radically change and reshap…

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Federal Government Leading March to Universal EMR

CEO SUMMARY: On April 26, 2004, President George W. Bush announced a new goal for the nation: an electronic medical record (EMR) for every patient within ten years. Last July, THE DARK REPORT predicted that the federal government would take the lead role in pushing healthcare to adopt a u…

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HHS Plans to Encourage National EMR System

CEO SUMMARY: Last week, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) announced two major steps toward the universal electronic health record. One project involves the licensing of CAP’s SNOMED CT system to make it available to all healthcare providers in the United States. T…

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GE Medical Systems To Buy Triple G Systems Group

HERE’S AN ACQUISITION with interesting ramifications for both clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology group practices. GE Medical Systems Information Technologies, (GEMSIT) a business division of General Electric Company, will acquire Triple G Systems…

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Lab Competitors Pool Lab Data For Clinicians In British Columbia

CEO SUMMARY: In British Columbia, two commercial laboratory competitors have found common ground. BC Biomedical Laboratories and MDS Metro Laboratories are using LOINC to link their laboratory test databases. Physicians use a single system to access their patient’s test results, regardl…

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Military Labs Creating Global Lab Test Data Pool With LOINC

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a laboratory regionalization project without precedent because of its worldwide scale. Within the Armed Forces, laboratorians are working to seamlessly integrate laboratory test data generated by laboratories within the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Veterans Administratio…

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University of Minnesota Pathologists Organize Tissue Archives

CEO SUMMARY: Pathologists at the University of Minnesota Medical School are working to create an electronic data base that covers the more than 100 years of autopsy cases that have been archived and stored. Their goal is to use this information to improve teaching and to further research …

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