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More Labs Opt to Use and Lab Automation

CEO SUMMARY: Many of the nation’s more innovative laboratory organizations are paying closer attention to laboratory productivity and operational performance. To achieve improved operations, these labs are putting three tools to greater use. They are using targeted automation solutions …

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Sonora Quest Receives Highest AZ Quality Award

CEO SUMMARY: After several years of intense effort to implement quality management systems and Six Sigma techniques throughout its organization, Sonora Quest Laboratories earned the Arizona Quality Program’s highest honor—the Governor’s Award for Quality. This is an accomplishment w…

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For Quest and LabCorp, The Story is “Molecular”

CEO SUMMARY: Wall Street likes the potential of molecular diagnostics to infuse new revenues and operating profits into the laboratory industry. That is one reason Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and Laboratory Corporation of America are assertively seeking exclusive access to new molecula…

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Mayo’s Scottsdale Hospital Lab Hits Big “Lean” Home Runs

CEO SUMMARY: Are Lean and Six Sigma techniques ready to make a big contribution in the laboratories of smaller hospitals? If you ask lab managers at Mayo Clinic’s Scottsdale Hospital, the answer is an unqualified “Yes!” Their 15-week Lean project in the hospital’s high volume core…

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Raising the Bar on Laboratory Management Skills

HURRICANE CHARLEY’S IMPACT ON LABS IN FLORIDA and Lean/Six Sigma’s contribution to big improvements at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale’s hospital laboratory provide powerful evidence that the science and art of laboratory management in the United States is reaching ever-higher levels. T…

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Beware What Your Lab Competitor is Doing!

TODAY I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK SPECIFICALLY to hospital lab administrators and owners of independent commercial laboratories. I would like to offer some friendly counsel: it’s time to pay careful attention to the most successful of your laboratory competitors. Undeniable evidence is mounting that tra…

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ISO 9000 Growing Across Lab Divisions of Quest Diagnostics

CEO SUMMARY: Currently the American healthcare system is struggling to evolve away from its “cottage industry” roots and adopt modern corporate management methods. Within the clinical laboratory industry, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated has staked out the high ground. Its strategic obj…

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