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Lab Tests in Pharmacies, Genzyme, Healthe, Singing River Hospital, VA

IT IS OFTEN SUGGESTED that pharmacies are a logical place to combine laboratory testing with prescription services. Such an arrangement would be consumer-friendly and has the potential to improve patient care while lowering costs.

In Great Britain, the National Health Service has launched a pilot program to test this concept. Earlier this year, it began remodeling

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Is Nation’s Best Quality Laboratory in Arizona?

CEO SUMMARY: Without much fanfare or public attention, one lab is achieving recognition for quality and service excellence possibly unmatched in the clinical laboratory industry. In 2003, Sonora Quest Laboratories received Arizona’s Pioneer Award for Quality—the first healthcare provider in Arizona to win that award. Its next goal is to achieve the state’s highest honor,

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Ten Management Myths Misled Clinical Laboratory Executives

CEO SUMMARY: We offer our second installment about the ten management myths which led the clinical laboratory industry astray during the 1980s and 1990s. Regretfully, clients responding to part one of this series tell us that these management myths remain alive and well—and continue to steer many well-intended but misguided laboratory managers in the wrong

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Alberta Lab Regionalization Teaches Four Important Lessons

CEO SUMMARY: When the Province of Alberta sliced more than 30% from the healthcare budget in less than two years, it was borrowing a trick from high performance turnaround experts. Laboratory executives in the United States can use these same management principles in their own laboratory.

REMARKABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS result from setting ambitious goals. In a two-year

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