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Innovative AP Reports Created by Path Group

CEO SUMMARY: Too often local pathology groups fail to react to intensified sales competition for the biopsy referrals of clinicians in their community. In Torrance, California, the 30 pathologists of Pathology, Inc. decided it was time to invest capital and resources into developing their own flavor of “value-added” pathology services. These custom-tailored pathology reports are

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Measuring Daily Productivity of Pathologists Can Be Complex

“Conflict in groups stems from trying to use one measurement system to meet all practice goals. This is the pitfall to avoid.” —Dennis Padget
CEO SUMMARY: Productivity measurement systems are widely used outside the healthcare industry to better manage operations and to incentivize staff. Many pathology groups have a gnawing feeling that they should be looking

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Clinical Lab and Pathology Informatics Merging For Internet Solutions

CEO SUMMARY: Information is where both clinical laboratories and anatomic pathologists will continue to add value to healthcare in the future. At this year’s Executive War College in May, THE DARK REPORT asked several leading innovators in laboratory and pathology informatics to share their actual experience in funding and operating the earliest telemedicine and telepathology

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Lab Information Systems Meeting Highlights Innovation, Ideas

CEO SUMMARY: Managed care’s pressure to create clinically integrated healthcare delivery systems changes the way laboratories report, use and warehouse clinical data. Dr. Bruce Friedman’s annual laboratory information systems conference in Ann Arbor provided graphic evidence that technology and LIS products are evolving at distressingly rapid rates. This complicates any decision to upgrade LIS.


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