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Clinical Labs Bidding Up Lab Director Salaries

CEO SUMMARY: There’s great news for pathologists and PhDs with expertise in molecular and genetic testing. Salaries are on the rise as more clinical labs build up their molecular and genetic testing programs and need talent to implement and supervise this activity. One experienced medical recruiter recently surveyed all the current pathology openings nationally. He

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Multi-Modality Diagnosis Heading for Lab Medicine

CEO Summary: At the upcoming Molecular Summit in Philadelphia on February 10-11, 2009, pathologists, molecular imaging experts, and informaticians will share the latest developments on the integration of in vivo (imaging) and in vitro (pathology) diagnostics. A major theme will be discussion about multi-modality diagnostics and how this new discipline—driven by advances in genetics and

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A Common Future for Pathology & Radiology?

DO RADIOLOGISTS AND PATHOLOGISTS have a common future in the age of personalized medicine? That’s not an idle question as new technologies help both medical specialties to better understand how molecular processes play a role in various diseases.

Oncology may prove to be the powerful force that encourages collaboration and greater clinical integration between radiology and

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Joint Venture Launches Molecular Pathology Lab

CEO SUMMARY: As genomic medicine advances, researchers into various diseases quickly recognize the need to incorporate molecular pathologists onto their teams. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a large integrated health system and a private research institute have come together to jointly fund a state-of-the-art molecular pathology laboratory. The twin goals are to advance research and create

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