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Narrower Provider Networks Topic during Quest Conference Call

SINCE MAY 1, 2012, the nation’s largest clinical laboratory company has had a new CEO, who is Stephen H. Rusckowski. The company’s second quarter conference call provided an opportunity to learn more about how he views Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. Conducted on July 19, the fi…

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Labs Should Build Payer Relationships to Improve Commodity Pricing

“Health plans are interested in improving outcomes and saving money on complex, expensive cases because that’s where the money is. At the same time, that’s an opportunity for labs to help health plans cut costs while also improving quality. ” —Kerry Kaplan, Presi…

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LabCorp & Sunrise CEOs Score at Exec War College

CEO SUMMARY: This year’s Executive War College on Lab and Pathology Management delivered major surprises, along with first news of breakthrough innovations and emerging trends. Managed care contracting for lab testing services was this year’s premier topic and there was keen interest …

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Aetna Says: LabCorp Is Out & Quest Diagnostics Is In

CEO SUMMARY: January 1, 2007 can be considered the start of a new epoch in managed care contracting for lab test services. News of Aetna’s decision to favor Quest Diagnostics Incorporated with a five-year contract as its only national laboratory provider shows the direction this new epo…

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LabCorp Exec Discusses Reasons Behind Its 10-Year Pact with United

“This 10-year agreement is unique in the laboratory industry. It speaks to the long-term commitment of both parties.”—Brad Smith, Executive Vice President, Laboratory Corporation of America CEO SUMMARY: It was unprecedented when UnitedHealth …

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Mergers Create Two Huge National Health Insurers

ANOTHER ROUND OF CONSOLIDATION among health insurers has created a new “biggest in the nation” company and boosted the size of the second largest health insurance company. On October 28, in separate announcements that were just 30 minutes apart, Anthem Inc. disclosed it would pa…

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New Lab Test Technology Must Meet Five Payer Requirements

HOSPITALS ARE NOT THE ONLY healthcare player wary of the high cost of new diagnostic test technologies. Insurance companies all over the United States have increased their scrutiny of new medical technology, including laboratory tests. In a visit to Wall Street last week, THE DARK REPORT attended …

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Pacificare, IBM, Keane, MedicaLogic/MedScape, WebMD,

PACIFICARE BEGINS SERIOUS RESTRUCTURING TO SHIFT EMPHASIS NOT SO MANY YEARS AGO, PacifiCare Health Systems Inc. was considered the quintessential embodiment of all that was expected to be good with managed healthcare. The company’s business model was studied and copied in…

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2001’s Ten Big Stories Presage Future Direction

CEO SUMMARY: During 2001, few labs found themselves under intense pressure to change or react to dramatic events in the healthcare marketplace. Like 2000, this past year was marked by evolutionary progress, not revolutionary change. However, continuing signs indicate that consumers will p…

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“December 17, 2001 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

Laboratorians interested in the economic paradoxes that sunk the managed care industry might be interested in a new book, Oxymorons: The Myth of a U.S. Healthcare System. Author J.D. Kleinke provides a lucid analysis of the contradictions in our healthcare system. For example, Kleinke descri…

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