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Lab Testing, Pathology Is Fast-Growing in China

CEO SUMMARY: It was record attendance at the major pathology congress which took place in Hangzhou, China, last month. Because of the ongoing growth of China’s economy, the demand for healthcare—and for high-quality clinical lab and pathology testing—is rising at an accelerated pace…

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OML Graduates First Distance-Learning MTs

CEO SUMMARY: Faced with staffing shortages and a ready pool of B.S. graduates in the local community, two years ago, Oregon Medical Laboratories decided to use long-distance learning programs to recruit and train employees interested in earning certification as MTs and MLTs. This business…

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Labs In United Kingdom Study U.S., Canadian Labs

CEO SUMMARY: It was a groundbreaking first for both sides of the Atlantic. Senior pathologists and laboratory directors in the United Kingdom spent two days learning from their North American counterparts about the challenges and difficulties in laboratory consolidation and regionalizatio…

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California Lab Regulators Are A Tough Bunch

CEO SUMMARY: By law, government regulators cannot comment publicly about the actions they take against the companies they regulate. That’s why the lab industry never learned that other public lab companies operating in California, following inspections by state authorities, were judged …

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Beckman Coulter’s Strategy Reflects Consolidation Trends

CEO SUMMARY: Rapid changes to the clinical laboratory industry had equally profound impact upon the major diagnostic companies. At Beckman Coulter, Inc., market forces triggered a decade of acquisitions and internal consolidation.The company looks very different today than it did ten year…

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Hospital Labs To Regain Pre-Eminence in Coming Years

CEO SUMMARY: During the past five years, powerful forces in the healthcare marketplace positioned hospital-based laboratories to once again become the dominant force in laboratory testing. But this can only occur if today’s generation of hospital laboratory directors and clinical pathol…

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CARESIDE POC Solution in entirety, the traditional way of performing tests in the To Alter Lab Organization

CEO SUMMARY: CARESIDE’s point-of-care testing system gives laboratory executives a new tool for bringing value-added laboratory services to clinicians. In this exclusive interview, W. Vickery Stoughton, Chairman and CEO of CARESIDE, Inc., shares his perspectives on the clinical laborato…

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Lab Leads Hospital In Successful Effort To Reduce Infections

CEO SUMMARY: Most laboratorians struggle to get clinicians to pay close attention to the potential for lab data to improve healthcare outcomes. At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the laboratory acqired in-house molecular typing test capability as one cornerstone for an aggressive infectio…

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AccuMed, AutoCyte, Cytyc, MorphoMetrix, Neuromedical, NeoPath

Automated Cytology Update As predicted by THE DARK REPORT, the field of automated cytology has become a boiling pot, filled with controversy and change. Profits are meager. As we expected, the major issue revolves around the cost of this enhanced technology versus the measurable…

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Nominations Now Open For Laboratory Innovators

CEO SUMMARY: Nominations are now open as THE DARK REPORT seeks to identify laboratory executives who deserve recognition. Our annual awards program honors the innovators and leaders within the clinical laboratory industry who push the boundaries of management change and show us how to bes…

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