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MDS Intends to Divest All Lab Testing Assets

CEO SUMMARY: As part of a major corporate restructuring, MDS Inc. is selling three business units, including MDS Diagnostic Services. Within the Canadian healthcare system, this is a major event. MDS operates some of the nation’s largest laboratory facilities in its most populous provinces. However, finding buyers may be difficult. Since announcing divestiture plans five

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Lab Suppliers Step Up In Katrina’s Aftermath

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a story that escapes media coverage. As Hurricane Katrina advanced northward, often the first source of fresh supplies and disaster relief for laboratories affected by the storm was their instrument vendor or other supplier. Many of these companies were prepositioning needed laboratory supplies and relief items even while Hurricane Katrina was still

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Unique Solution to Control Reagents, Other Supplies

CEO SUMMARY: This San Francisco hospital laboratory hit a home run with its clever use of automated materials management units, originally used in pharmacies. Reagents, phlebotomy supplies, and other laboratory consumables are stored in an access-controlled environment. Benefits have been significant reduction in reagent and other lab supply costs, fewer stock-outs, and reduced loss from

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“State of Lab Industry” Reveals Radical Change

CEO SUMMARY: Pick your trend: declining reimbursement, consolidation, clinical integration, downsizing, and capitated reimbursement. These trends all continued to shape the way laboratories organized to provide services. But 1997’s wildcard was the federal government. Between investigations and new regulations, laboratories were hit hard.

FOR THE clinical laboratory industry, 1997’s biggest surprise was both unexpected and unpleasant:

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