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2003’s Big Lab Stories Reflect Health Trends

CEO SUMMARY: At a minimum, 2003 proved to be a year of relative stability for the laboratory industry, as demonstrated by THE DARK REPORT’S “Ten Biggest Lab Stories of 2003.” The year was free of industry-wide crises and scan- dals. That allowed most laboratory administrators and pa…

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Kaiser Permanente NW Incorporates ISO-9000 In Regional Lab Design

CEO SUMMARY: After achieving its ISO-9000 certification, Kaiser Permanente Northwest’s laboratory division accomplished another distinction. It became the first lab in the nation to use the principles of ISO-9000 to design, build and operate a new, state-of-the-art, automated laboratory…

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SARS Contained in Toronto, Labs Still in Caution Mode

IN RECENT DAYS, public health officials in the Canadian province of Ontario have declared the SARS outbreak to be contained. As described in the last issue of THE DARK REPORT, the outbreak of SARS in Ontario had a significant operational impact on clinical laboratories in the province. (See TDR,…

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SARS Challenges Met With New Technology

CEO SUMMARY: When SARS began to spread around the globe, the United States was fortunate to escape the type of outbreak which still dogs Hong Kong and Toronto. Had SARS cases appeared in the U.S. a week earlier, the first affected cities would have experienced widespread concern, reduced …

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Lab Test Manual Now Available on Handheld PDA Devices

HERE’S ANOTHER EXAMPLE of how technology is changing traditional laboratory practices. Lexi-Comp, Inc.’s Laboratory Test Handbook with information on 1,200 tests is now available as a software program for downloading onto the Palm Pilot handheld PDA (personal digital ass…

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Business Premises Underlying Lab Industry Dynamics

This chapter addresses the characteristics of the laboratory industry which define the starting point for changes and ongoing evolution. The eight business premises listed in this White Paper describe unique situations which directly influence the ability of clinical laboratories to serve the medical…

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“Distributed” Lab Model Soon to Become Reality

CEO SUMMARY: During the 1990s, laboratory automation was expected to have the greatest impact upon the structure and organization of laboratories. However, like the famous race between the tortoise and the hare, it’s our prediction that point-of-care testing technology, quietly advancin…

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Advanced Health Targets Integrated Health Networks

“The question that every clinical laboratory must now ask is this: will my lab be a technology differentiator or a technology enabler?” Rob Alger, Advanced Health Technology CEO SUMMARY: Many hospital-based laboratories have a different missio…

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“August 30, 1999 Intelligence: Late Breaking Lab News”

There’s a new for-profit hospital player out there which probably needs a good laboratory leader. Iasis Corp. of Nashville, Tennessee just spent more than $800 million to buy 15 hospitals. Iasis is a hospital management company. It expects both deals to close in October. Odds are t…

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Healtheon and WebMD Merger Portends Changes to Lab Testing

SO FAR CLINICAL LAB EXECUTIVES have yet to see any profound changes that Internet-based services might cause to existing laboratory practices and procedures. That situation may change, however, with the merger of Healtheon Corporation of Santa Clara, California and WebMD, In…

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