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Increasing Costs for Genetic Tests Are Busting Lab Budgets

CEO SUMMARY: Across the nation, hospital administrators are recognizing that effective lab test utilization is a critical factor in a lab’s success. At Seattle Children’s Hospital, clinical pathologists, clinical chemists, and laboratory genetic counselors are …

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Lab Specimen Transport Eliminates Need for Ice

CEO SUMMARY: Because of its unique design and reliability, a new product for transporting laboratory specimens and units of blood without the use of ice and dry ice is gaining favor with innovative laboratories across the country. Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States uses this ice…

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Tough Financial Times Ahead for Hospital Labs

THIS YEAR’S MASSIVE HEALTH REFORM LEGISLATION has a ticking financial time bomb for hospital laboratories. Starting October 1, Medicare Part A hospital fees will be reduced by 0.4% for the federal fiscal year 2011. This is expected to reduce Medicare Part A spending by $440 million in 2011 compared…

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Supremes Rule Against LabCorp On Test Patent

CEO SUMMARY: It’s a bad news/good news outcome for pathologists and lab administrators hoping for clearer guidance on patents granted for DNA and other diagnostic technology. The bad news is that LabCorp gets no relief from lower court rulings that it infringed patents on homocysteine t…

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Lab Automation Pioneer Assesses Outcomes

CEO SUMMARY: Debate has dogged the subject of laboratory automation since its earliest days. That was true during the early 1990s in Japan. It was true in Canada and the United States throughout the 1990s. It is still true in this decade. That is why it was startling to hear a founding fa…

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Patient ABNs Can Save On Expensive Send-outs

CEO SUMMARY: Throughout the United States, the growing number of high-priced, patent-protected specialty tests is eating into the laboratory budgets of many hospitals. At Hospital Consolidated Laboratories in Southfield, Michigan, this budget-busting threat triggered an innovative respons…

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Molecular Diagnostics’ “Gap in Expectations”

CEO SUMMARY: This year’s Executive War College provided strong evidence that the twin trends of molecular diagnostics and Lean management methods are taking root within the laboratory industry. Each is a trend in its infancy. Molecular diagnostics will require considerable time before i…

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MTHN Provides Lessons In Creating Lab Networks

CEO SUMMARY: Every regional laboratory network in the United States is unique. Regional variations in healthcare and business objectives are different in every case. But the management problems of network structure, governance, marketing and finance are always the same. Here are some usef…

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Second War College Set For New Orleans In May

CEO SUMMARY: Laboratory consolidation and networking activity continues to intensify. This year’s War College faculty features exceptional stories about what works and what doesn’t. New Orleans is the place to be on May 20-21 for proactive laboratory administrators and p…

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