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Number of Hospital Deals Declines Again in 2000

CEO SUMMARY: Probably the single biggest contributing factor to consolidation of hospital laboratories is when new owners or new healthcare systems take control of a hospital. For 2000, merger and acquisition activity in the hospital industry declined in 2000 by 40%. A total of 318 hospit…

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Lab Industry Attracting New Investment Dollars

CEO SUMMARY: Professional investors with access to hundreds of millions of dollars of investment capital are closely scrutinizing the clinical laboratory industry. They are encouraged by the recent financial performance of public laboratory companies. For independent laboratory owners, th…

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LAB-InterLink Acquires Labotix Automation, Inc.

CEO SUMMARY: Here’s an interesting combination of expertise. LAB-InterLink has one of most sophisticated process control software products for running automated laboratory systems. Its acquisition of Labotix, resulting in the largest installed base of lab automation hardware in the Unit…

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“State of Lab Industry” Holds Surprises for All

CEO SUMMARY: Say goodbye to several of the trends which shaped the lab industry during the 1990s, such as consolidation and government compliance programs. Although these trends won’t completely disappear, they will be superseded by a number of new transformational influences. During th…

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Point-Of-Care Chemistry Ready To Transform Labs

CEO SUMMARY: Following on the heels of our prediction about web-based test ordering/results reporting, here’s another equally revolutionary development. CARESIDE, Inc. is ready to launch a point-of-care instrument suite for routine, high-volume chemistry and hematology tests. Early peek…

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Advanced Health Targets Integrated Health Networks

“The question that every clinical laboratory must now ask is this: will my lab be a technology differentiator or a technology enabler?” Rob Alger, Advanced Health Technology CEO SUMMARY: Many hospital-based laboratories have a different missio…

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Healtheon Already Choice Of Public Lab Companies

CEO SUMMARY: Probably no single individual has greater insight about the changes now occurring to web-based laboratory test ordering and results reporting than Healtheon Corporation’s Nancy Ham. As Vice President of Connectivity & Institutional Services, Nancy is responsible for Hea…

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Choosing a Eulogy for SBCL

What is an appropriate eulogy for SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories (SBCL), soon to be acquired by …

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Quest and SBCL Expect Merger Date Of July 2

CEO SUMMARY: After months of waiting and planning, executives at Quest Diagnostics Incorporated believe that July 2, 1999 will be the date when their acquisition of SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories becomes official. During the month of July, expect a flurry of activity at Quest Di…

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DARK REPORT Picks 1998’s Ten Biggest Lab Stories

CEO SUMMARY: Our story picks for 1998 demonstrate a broad range of subjects. Each affects laboratories and pathology practices in significant ways and should be used to trigger appropriate management strategies. Two essential themes among this year’s ten biggest lab stories: continued d…

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