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WakeMed Uses Drone to Deliver Patient Specimens

CEO SUMMARY: For two years, clinical lab professionals at WakeMed Health and Hospitals have tested the use of aerial drones to transport patient specimens from a physicians’ office satellite lab/draw station to the WakeMed Medical Center’s central lab. Late last month, they completed the first successful revenue-generating commercial transport of lab supplies by drone in

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Unique Solution to Control Reagents, Other Supplies

CEO SUMMARY: This San Francisco hospital laboratory hit a home run with its clever use of automated materials management units, originally used in pharmacies. Reagents, phlebotomy supplies, and other laboratory consumables are stored in an access-controlled environment. Benefits have been significant reduction in reagent and other lab supply costs, fewer stock-outs, and reduced loss from

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Catfight in New York Over Lab Supplies Law

CEO SUMMARY: All labs serving physicians’ offices worry about the delicate balance between complying with laws governing inducement and protecting clients against competing labs who interpret those same laws more liberally. Recent events in New York state graphically demonstrate the compliance dilemma, particularly when regulators are shy about taking enforcement actions against offenders.


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Lab Test Ordering On Web Presents Tough Challenges

CEO SUMMARY: During 1999, many factors pointed to the speedy introduction of Web-based lab test ordering between physicians’ offices and their laboratory providers. Several credible players, like Healtheon/ WebMD (now WebMD) and Advanced Health Technologies, held numerous contracts to implement Web-based lab test ordering and results reporting. But Web-based lab test ordering never gained traction.

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